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i know im a bit late, but i just woke up haha. anyways. heres my answers.
1. In your opinion, which is the toughest skill to start training? no skill is tough to start training, but agility is hard to continue. its kinda pointless in my mind honestly.
2. What do you think of our official RuneScape pages on YouTube, Twitter and Facebook? What would you like to see from them in the future? i love the FB page, its entertaining, and a lot easier, i just wish you would put the game updates on there also. and the dev blogs. as well.
3. What’s been your greatest triumph in the Wilderness since February 1st 2011? not a pker, dont really go in the wildy =P
4. If you are a PKer, are you a lone wolf or do you hunt in packs? im a lone wolf on my pures.
5. Do you train skills with efficiency or profit in mind? more profit in mind.
6. What’s your favourite spot in RuneScape to just ‘hang out’? i've met a lot of people in the banks. its always entertaining there. and the GE.
7. Have you ever taken part in a community event organised by the Community Management team? If so, which one and how was it? If not, why not? im always off doing my own thing, or dont have access to a computer to do the events =/.
8. What item would you really love to see in the Jagex Store? real phats.. >.>
9.What’s your all-time favourite item from your bank/inventory? my whip, but i would love for the spec to be a lot better, its so degraded compared to what it should be. who uses the whip to actually take someones run energy? honestly.
10. Have you ever recommended RuneScape to your friends or family? yes. i just did last night infact.

12-Feb-2011 20:02:00

Mod Kat

Mod Kat

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That's all folks!
Thank you to all of you who took part; it was loads of fun and very interesting to hear your experiences.
My mammoth task now is to collate all of your experiences and make sure that your feedback gets fully investigated. Knowing more about you and how you play RuneScape helps us to improve your enjoyment of the game and to better support our fantastic community.
Have a great weekend!
Mod Kat

12-Feb-2011 20:02:44

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