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Mod Jon H

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February's Caption Competition Winners

Last month's photo showed me, Mod Jon H, playing laser tag at a Jagex event.

We asked you to imagine what was going on, and you came up with some fantastic captions.
This month, congratulations go to *drum roll*... Faux Fox Pas, whose entry was awesomely simple and was easily the most popular here in the office. We are delighted to give him two months' complimentary membership to RuneScape and a RuneScape mouse mat signed by Mark Gerhard and a selection of other J Mods.
Our awesome runner up was Perkins70 who receives one month's RuneScape membership.
Here are the winners, and the 'best of the rest' captions -

"Alien Vs Moderator." - Faux Fox Pas

Awesome Runner-up
"And some people think that Ranged is underpowered?" - Perkins70

Notable Mentions:
Quirk X
Just a typical night shift at Jagex Headquarters.
Seuss I Am
(Very) Future Content: The Return of the Black Hole
Micron 7
I come in peace...
Guaranteed to blow your mind... anytime
That's what I call an Elite Dark Warrior
I hope they forgot their mirror shield.
Sane Dallen
REPORT ABUSE: Real-Life Threats!!!
Assassin 10
Do-Not-Suggest List says no futuristic items or guns allowed.
Faux Fox Pas
The Void finally stared back.
It is pitch black. You are likely to be eaten by a grue.
I could have been a farmer you know.
Please! Don't shoot. I swear I didn't bot!
The Cherryc
Reported! killing people in a non-pvp area!
Black Enigma
A standard day at Jagex Ltd for Mod Jon H.
And with that revamp to the occlusion engine, Mod Jon H emerged from the mist, rendered in staggering realism, Dragon laser blazing.
This isn't what you meant when you said get ready, we're going to the red light district?!?
Nobody puts Baby in a corner

If you were very observant you might have noticed that I included an Easter egg. I labelled this image february_caption_1.jpg - if you had changed the 1 to a 2 you would have found this extra picture!

So now you know what I look like when I'm lit from the front! :)

March's Caption Competition is now open! Head over to the March Caption Competition thread to see the new image and post your caption. Better get those puns warmed up!

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Mod Jon H

Mod Jon H

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Who the Zamorak?

Each month, we give you a selection of facts about a mystery J-Mod and invite you to guess who it might be!
Last month's facts were all about Mod Paul M. Congratulations to A Matt and Finy, who correctly worked it out. :)
And now on to this month's contest! Here are ten clues about another J-Mod from the Community Management team.
All the clues are true (and ever so slightly odd, but that is half the fun!)

  • I once met Russell Grant in a volcano

  • I can ski backwards

  • I am a major source of cake for the Community Management team

  • My favourite colour is yellow

  • Sarcasm is my weapon of choice

  • I have a degree in Adventure Tourism Management

  • I have visited Ramsay Street in Melbourne, where Neighbours is filmed

  • I used to guide British school children around World War I battlefields in France and Belgium

  • I get more excited about the Eurovision Song Contest than I do about my own birthday

  • I have never watched Top Gun

There are no prizes for Who The Zamorak?, it's just for fun. So get your thinking caps on, and when you think you know who it is, post your answer on this thread! If you get it right, we'll list your name in next month's newsletter.
Game on!

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First Post :D
Always enjoy reading the newsletters :).
~Gav~ ;).
No pixels were harmed in the making of this signature :D.
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Cadge Lewool
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Cadge Lewool

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Whew. Just made the second page...Which is ironically the first page considering that the newsletter stops on this page. Awesome. ^_^
I think my favorite thing in the article was the Team Penguin clan ad. Priceless!

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