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"If I weren't so small you'd be the one going in the trophy case!"
"Back up! You don't know what else he's capable of."
"If he's the award what do we give him?"
"Mod Who? All I see is Mod Gnome on the high scores"
"Should we give a golden crown too?"
"Gnomeball player? Coach? Pilot? Trainer? No this gnome is a rockstar."
"Mod Gnome is right at home in the break room!"

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"why didnt respighi use a guitar? :@ i want to play ballad of the gnomes!"

lmao googled gnome songs ftw!

"look no hands! oh fiddlesticks i do need 1 hand!"
"one gnome discovered a crystal saw, well this one a crystal guitar!!!"
"a gnome at home"
"brimstail's new invention... the gnomebox360!!
"i do hope oaknock doesnt mind me playing with his machine?"
"brimstail told me i'd get some coloured shapes from this... what am i doing wrong???"
"gnomes these days... dont do much exersize now do they? in my day we used to spend hours at the gnome agility course!"
"BAH!! i sure am terrorbird at this game... err i mean terrible?"
"a golden groan awaits this awful guitar player!"
"real rockers come in all shapes and sizes"
I'm a little teapot short and stout.
It's a glandular problem don't mock my size.

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AR Ras
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AR Ras

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Easy as gnome pie ;).

.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'Ace Rasenganv8.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'
.,;'.,;'.,;'Joint Chief General of Darken Kings.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;
.,;'.,;'.,;.,;'.,;'Owner of the Holywarriors.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'
'.,;'President of the Imperial College of Runescape'.,;''.,;'
'.,;'CKO, CIO, Branch Owner, and Finance Officer of Emira Corp.'.,;'.,;'
'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'CFO of New Light Corp.'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'
.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'CFO of Friendship Corp..,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'
'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;CFO of Tranquility Resorts'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;'.,;
.,;'.,;'.,;'Supreme Overlord of Awesomeness .,;'.,;'.,;

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