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23-Apr-2011 05:58:13

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•I have travelled to five continents;

•I speak three languages;

•I have dual nationality;

•I appreciate lasagne;

•I love collectible card games like MTG;

•My dancing could be described as 'interesting';

•I love RPGs...

•...but I am not a long-time RuneScape player...

•...although I do have a set of bunny ears (on my J-Mod account).

•I have hosted several large parties - both in RuneScape and IRL.


Mod Edu- I can't mess this one up. ;)

He wore his bunny ears to one of the large meet and greet 'parties'- his first in B&S at my poh, followed by house guild' poh where he took a screenie for the developers blog that contained info on creative gameplay, "The Emergent Gameplay Letter". ;)

He speaks french, spanish, and english. :)

His dual nationality is... I believe... France and england, though I could be wrong. (edit for name that is STILL starred out lol). Mod _ Edu- if you read this- we love you in B&S, come say hi! Gl with the french community, tourneys, b&s, and all the other stuff you have going. :)

<3 ~Jamandy52
8 200ms. Founder of Jamandy52 skilling clan. Love skilling. Love minigames.
Working on 200m firemaking atm. PM for effigies assists, and for tips when skilling. World 70.

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A bit late, but Holy **** I came first!?
I missed like half of my membership without knowing! >.< Umm... I didn't know I was going to win this but I entered anyway... Yeah... O.O

Everyone seemed to know without telling me...? I log in after a month of inactivity to see that I have 37 days of membership. I thought someone had hacked me, so I quickly chanegd my pass and everything! I honestly believed that I was hacked...

EDIT: Ok I've calmed myself down and realised I've bought up and old topic,, sorry >.<

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