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April Caption Competition

Once again, we have a brand new image for you!
This striking pose was captured by the Kinect in the Jagex Studios games room.

April Caption Competition Image

Your tasks this month are twofold:
1) Come up with the funniest possible caption for this image;
2) See if you can guess which J-Mod it is! (This is optional - the best captions will still win even if the guess is wrong. Clue: it's not me.)
Once you have your answers, post them on this thread or send them to us by email at Please include the word 'caption' in your subject header to help us spot your entry! If you are under 13, please ask a parent or guardian to email your entry to us on your behalf, from their contact email address.
You can enter as many captions as you like. We read every single entry, so you will have the same chance of winning whether you post here or submit by email.
Lastly, if you're entering by email, please remember to let us know your RuneScape account name! (Obviously this isn't a problem if you're posting on the forums. :P)
The competition will close promptly at 10:00 UK time on Friday 15 April - so get your captions in as soon as you can. We will then go through all the entries and find the ones that get the best response from everyone here.
Although the main reason for this is to have fun, we will offer up a couple of prizes for the wittiest entries:
The winner will receive a complimentary 2 months' membership to RuneScape and a RuneScape mouse mat signed by Mark Gerhard and a selection of other J-Mods.
Awesome runner-up
The awesome runner up will receive one month's RuneScape membership.
Both winners will have their captions featured in the next newsletter.
So, good luck everyone - we can't wait to see your great ideas!

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Rane Sedai

Rane Sedai

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1) Woot first page!
2) I want to see some star jumps private!
3) Just another typical day at Jagex studios...honest
4) Dancing for fre3 stuf pl0x!
5) Hi, youtube!
6) Finally after burning only level one logs I got 99 firemaking! Skillcape party!!!
7) After much debating and experimenting, it was finally decided that high level caffiene coffee was not going to be added to runescape.
As for who that is....I have positively no clue:P

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drill demon is not responsible for any accidents happening during its random event nor any addictions gained during the random event, if you gain any addictions during the random event drill demon will not pay for therapy, but is willing to give you his special drilling therapy for the small price of 20gp,no refunds.
and btw, is that mod MMG? It's probably the mod who came up with the "squirrels on coffee" idea for easter 2010, to bad i dont know who that is...

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The picture isn't displaying. But since I'm a trooper, I'm going to take a blind guess that it's Mod Kat!
Yes! Got the picture now! Holy chizang! If that's Mod Kat, then I'm a horse! Uhh, my NEW guess is Ian.
1) Congratz, new highscore! Unfortunately, you did that on the push-up mat. . . Disqualified.
2) Yes! using my unlimited knowledge of the internet, I have hacked into Jagex's Kinect to spy on what updates might happen! Wait, what's this? A J-Mod exercising? Preposterous!
3) I'll get back to you on that one.

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