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July Quiz Quest

Each month the Quiz Quest competition tests just how much you know about the RuneScape world. There are prizes for five winning entries and we hope that you'll enjoy hunting for the answer.
This month's Quiz Quest:

The new Members' Loyalty Programme allows you to purchase custom titles for your in-game character.
One of them is Duderino - if your character is male. What is the equivalent title for female characters?

Once you have the answer, post it on this thread or send it to us by email at - and if you could include the words 'quiz quest' in your subject header it will really help us to spot your email! If you are under 13, please ask a parent or guardian to send your entry in on your behalf, from their contact email address.
Please remember to let us know your RuneScape account name with your answer, if you submit by email - that way we will know who should be rewarded for their fact-finding power!
The competition will close on Friday 22 July - so get your answer in as soon as you can.
The winner will receive a complimentary 3 months' membership to RuneScape and a RuneScape mouse mat signed by Mark Gerhard and a selection of other J-Mods.
The four runners-up will receive one month's RuneScape membership.
All winners will have their names posted in the next edition of the Gielinor Globe!
So, good luck finding out the answer!

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