Let's Have A W&F Q&A Please

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Team Misha

Team Misha

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I've got similar sentiments to Sookie on this one. If we just look at the ~0 interaction of the forum devs (do these people even exist is not 100% clear) with us as of late is a clear sign there are no plans for any forum improvements. We would've heard about it in BTS probably by now if there was going to be anything. I have a feeling every question would be something like "can you add feature x" and every reply will either be:
"We do not have those capabilities (technical limitations)"
"We do not have plans to do this"
If you ask well what DO they have plans for:
"We do not have a specific response we can give to that, check back in 7 years when upper management okays the forum improvement budget".

16-Mar-2014 03:46:34

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