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I don't think that you need all of the information from point 1 available, but it might be nice to have a billing history area that shows transactions with Jagex with the following info:

Date | Description of tx | Method (& Last 4 digits of card) | Amount

Though if Jagex uses this info as proof of account ownership in case it needs recovering, then it would be tricky to provide this. I'm quite surprised that you can't see historic transactions through the billing systems already.

You would be able to request this information if needed via a GDPR subject data access request. Asking for all personal information held about you on their system. You can read more via their Privacy Policy in the footer.

In terms of live chat, you would have to consider the cost of having live chat available. If Jagex provides self-help articles and a means of contacting them, can you provide a specific example of why you might need an immediate chat? Would a chat bot be beneficial?
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