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¸•°¨Have you read all of our rules and agree to follow them? What is rule #4? To make sure that i have added the admins and owner on my friend list :P

¸•°'Which Time-Zone are you in? (GMT +1) Amsterdam

¸•°¨What are your RuneScape goals? To achieve the quest cape.;)

¸•°¨Favorite thing to do in RuneScape? Training slayer with some one that's nice

¸•°¨Were you in a clan before? If so why did you leave? they kicked me because they did not agree with my name.

¸•°¨Why are you interested in joining Casual Escape? Sounds Really fun.

¸•°¨How did you hear about us? (forums, referral, etc.)? From the Rs Player:MardaDear;)

¸•°¨Tell us something interesting about yourself AND what is your favorite pizza?
my name is tired, am a nice guest can handle people well, what i do as work is repairing, trading cars.what i do as a hobby, designing, swimming, playing Runescape , drinking beer, on special days. And tuna pizza,mozzarella

¸•°¨What do you prefer to be called? Moe,
When the rs beta Will be exist?

08-May-2019 18:07:37

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