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-Applications will be processed faster if you guest in the clan chat and let an admin know one was posted.-

**Must have a RuneScape membership to apply**

Have you read all of our rules and agree to follow them? What is rule #4?

Yes. I need to add all owners and admins so they can contact me any time.

Which Time-Zone are you in?


What are your RuneScape goals?

Maxing out skills in which i have current interest
Favorite thing to do in RuneScape?

skilling and chatting

Were you in a clan before? If so why did you leave?

Yes. Dragons Land. Clan became too quiet, many people left.

Why are you interested in joining Casual Escape?

In search of an active, chatty clan so it's more interesting to play

How did you hear about us? (forums, referral, etc.)?

Mystical Je, my former clan mate suggestion.

Tell us something interesting about yourself AND what is your favorite pizza? :)

I like to watch Snooker game and my favourite pizza is whatever my mom makes, she is awesome cook.

What do you prefer to be called?


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