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¸•°¨Have you read all of our rules and agree to follow them? What is rule #4? Yes. Make sure to have all admins and owners added so we can contact you at anytime when needed. A list can be found near the bottom of page 1.

¸•°'Which Time-Zone are you in? Central

¸•°¨What are your RuneScape goals? I use to play RuneScape back around 2006, but I never got to the end-game content. My more short-term goal is to get my first 99 skill! Eventually probably quest completion

¸•°¨Favorite thing to do in RuneScape? Quests with combat! Though I spend most of my time skilling my lowest skill, trying to keep things somewhat balanced.

¸•°¨Were you in a clan before? If so why did you leave? Nope.

¸•°¨Why are you interested in joining Casual Escape? From what I can see about the culture it seems like a great fit; I'm mostly looking for a casual clan that I can get advice from (I only started playing RS3 a couple weeks ago after a ~12 year hiatus), do social events with, etc..

¸•°¨How did you hear about us? (forums, referral, etc.)? A couple super nice people in Burthorpe recommended the clan to me (shoutout to AustinIronk0 and Mardadear13). I joined the guest chat and liked the people there too :)

¸•°¨Tell us something interesting about yourself AND what is your favorite pizza? :) I'm the youngest of 10 children! Hawaiian (contentious, I know).

¸•°¨What do you prefer to be called? Normally Hallandren but people in clan guest chat have shortened it to Hall and I like that too!

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