Winter Weekends: Snowman Raids

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Every Saturday and Sunday in December has been a Winter Weekend for members, each with their own themed bonus!

For the final weekend, it’s time to take on some snowman raids! An army of snowmen is muscling in on prominent locations across RuneScape's members' worlds, and it’s up to you to take them down! Not only will you do battle against a full-blown snowman invasion, you also stand a chance of picking up some valuable drops.

The snowman onslaught will descend upon the following locations:

  • Varrock, south of the Grand Exchange

  • Falador, near the south gate

  • Lumbridge, outside the cow field

  • Ardougne market

  • Camelot, near the teleport spot

  • Gnome Stronghold, outside the Grand Tree

The snowmen will be raiding every hour, on the hour from Saturday 29th December 00:00 GMT until Sunday 30th December 23:59 GMT.

There’s still a change for even more festive fun – anyone who’s a member during December will get the awesome Festive Aura, which bestows a +50% XP boost for 30 minutes a day! To grab your aura and take part in the final Winter Weekend, click here and become a member today.

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