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Community Tips for Gielinor’s Newest Visitors!
Are you new to RuneScape? have you just completed the troll invasion, learned how to tool up but are still feeling a little overwhelmed by the sheer size and scale of everything? Well, RuneScape’s trusty video making community are thinking of you and have made this quick video to help you breeze through your first hours of life in Gielinor.

There are a million other great tips for RuneScape’s newer visitors so if you’ve a tip you think a new player would benefit from, post it on this thread. The most useful tips will be ground up and put into the video making machine that is, our amazing youtube community.
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lol look at the comments on the video, nobody likes the squeel, give up and remove it like you gave up and brought the wilderness back, dont bankrupt the game we all love so very dearly.

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Useful tips, eh? Well here we go.
1) Don't be afraid to ask for help if you are lost or don't know how to do something. If you don't feel like bothering someone ingame, try using the official Game Guide on the main website or one of the numerous approved fansites for help!
2) The world map is your best friend; use it!
3) If you see something lying around (a red dot on the ground), pick it up. It might be a useful piece of equipment or something you can sell to make money.
4) Complete the Stronghold of Player Safety right away since it will give you experience, money, a pair of cool gloves, and an emote. Plus, it is 100% safe to complete.
5) Pay attention to warning signs that pop up on your screen so that you don't go somewhere dangerous that you don't want to go to.
6) Never give someone your money or items free in exchange for a promise from them giving you something else in return at a later time. They are most likely scamming you and will steal your hard earned stuff! The most common of these is the "Doubling money" scam. The best rule to live by in Runescape is that if it sounds too good to be true, it probably isn't.
7) Killing chickens and cows in Lumbridge can be profitable, but they are usually crowded. Try a field north of Lumbridge for cows. It usually has fewer people and an automatic bank-like system for beef and cowhides via Beefy Bill.
8) Explore! You'll never figure anything out unless you just get out there a try it:)

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:o, good for the new members.
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I do wonder how these particular players are chosen to be a part of these videos - obviously some are well known, and I recognise a few names.. But it'd be nice for this to be more publicly known and available to others; I would personally like to contribute sometime.

My tip would be to get involved in the RSOF community - there truly is a forum section that will appeal to everyone, not to mention the vast wealth of knowledge available and great friendships that can be formed.

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