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Pippyspot said:
2C-B-Fly PUA said:
I think the price adjustments are due to the dwindling amount of players, all mini games are empty, back in 2006 most worlds that had deans were clogged also all the skill training spots, now it's like a ghost town. Jagex inc. I believe that dripping the price back to $5/ month will attract more players therefore creating more revenue. Specially when the mobile version comes out, I don't want to play in ghost town worlds. Gets boring.

It probably seems like a ghost town because the world is a lot bigger than it used to be, so players are very spread out whereas they were not so much before

LOL bigger than it used to be. What a joke. You mean the subscriber count has dropped constantly over years because people are giving up on this corporate greed. This is why 2/3rds of the community is in oldschool and NOT rs3. RS3 looks dead because it is. When is the last time you seen a server being FULL for almost every second of the day? Not so much anymore. Why? Because the population is dieing, and doing this price change is going to keep contributing to that drop. All these excuses, and you dont see other game companies such as blizzard who has had a sub up from 2004 until now still be $14.99 a month, regardless of losing HALF their subscriber count AND whatever real life events jagex is blaming this on, with much harder resources, staff team, customer support, and server maintenance which requires more resources than what jagex needs to run runescape on. This is an excuse. An excuse to charge more for less. Promises are FAILED again, time and time again. History repeated itself with jagex, and this game IS a ghost town because people are smarting up to abandon ship.

21-Aug-2018 14:22:25



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To those who claim this is nothing to sniffle at, you are right, but have you ever heard the metaphor about the frog in boiling water? When dropped into a boiling pot the frog will jump out immediately, however, put it in a cool pot, slowly raise the temperature and the frog will not mind the gradual change until eventually it boils to death.

For whatever reason Jagex has raised the price again, even if it was to inaugurate world peace and they weren't telling us I would be scared if people didn't turn round and ask why is it going up? People are right to ask because this game is almost equivalent in subscription price to World of Warcraft or ESO, which in my eyes while dull put out more content of higher quality on a more regular basis than Jagex. £6 I could live with because I felt like I was paying what the game is worth but I come to resub today and see this has happened and it's a bridge too far I'm afraid.

Jagex are not the company they were 8, even 4 years ago. The philosophy has changed and the focus appears to be more on breaking even/wringing cash out of customers (whichever is the case) and I'm not going to go round this merry-go-round again. Even if the previous economic situation in the UK before Brexit ever returns, the price will never go back down. The only way is up when it comes to changing tariff.

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My account was unrightfully banned, and just got unbanned today. Since i got banned, i could not be subscribed anymore. Since my account got banned, am i just to suck it up, and pay the new price?

07-Sep-2018 13:02:12

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I am considering getting membership again after god knows how long and I was going to get a $10 prepaid Runescape card. Now that the price has increased to basically $11, will I still be able to purchase membership with the card, or do I have to get, say, a $25 card?

09-Sep-2018 02:49:27

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Us long run players getting grandfathered in is one of the best decisions to date. Through the years we've been taken care of and not forced to pay any extra.
Thank you for this, sincerely :)
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