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Since the existing beta requires 2 GB of RAM, I'll have to get a new mobile phone.

The current Dev Blog post on mobile doesn't appear to have a discussion thread - so I'm posting here. I'm glad they're working on efficient memory use, and I'm glad work is still progressing well.

19-Dec-2018 00:57:40

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Was wondering why i didn't get an invite to Mobile beta. Maybe i did but not as an email . cant wait to get my hands one it We do need more bank placeholders since we are banking hidey hole pieces and new content storage. Im maxed out with 20 bank places left . always cleaning bank . time consuming.

19-Dec-2018 02:50:06



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Any idea on when this will be fully launched? cause I really wanna get onto RuneScape the old school is alright but I loved this one more.

please have admins answer no non-admins unless you know for sure thank you.

28-Feb-2019 06:12:04

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