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Twin-spin fever has taken hold of Yelps and, this weekend, he’s offering up twice as many spins per purchase on selected Squeal of Fortune spin packages!
Purchase the 10, 20 or 40 spin packages between now and the end of Monday 3rd September and you’ll receive double spins! That means double the prizes – and double the chances to win big.
Details of the double spin packages are as follows:

  • The 10 Spin Package: 10 x 2 = 20 spins total
  • The 20 Spin Package: (20 + 5) x 2 = 50 spins total
  • The 40 Spin Package: (40 + 35) x 2 = 150 spins total

You can take advantage of Yelps's double spin sale by purchasing spins here or by going in-game and clicking 'Buy Spins' in the Squeal of Fortune interface. Don’t forget, this offer ends at 23:59 on Monday 3rd September (GMT), so be sure to double your spins for twice the wins!
Happy spinning!
The RuneScape Team

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EDIT: Wow so you post MMG's response saying SoF/SGS wont kill runescape but hey, lets make it double spin weekend, makes complete sense.
EDIT: I still don't get it,this literally makes MMG's statement invalid....this clearly is destroying the game...

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Batmanz xD

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Sad...just sad.
After all MMG posted and everything that happened yesterday, you let it all go down the drain. Good one Jagex
I hope you all are happy with your greed :@
This is just beyond sad. Honestly, even a few jmods have said yesterday that they would tune down the SoF Updates a bit and 1 day after, we get this? really?
P.S. MMG, if you want the game to stay alive, fire the SoF team or atleast tell them to calm down with these promotions.
this promotion just proved that MMG's newspost yesterday was true, it was BS
Yeah, you can hide this post for voicing my opinion towards the game i pay membership to :(
Now that i calmed down a bit, lets be reasonable, how about instead of doing constant SoF promotions each week, why not try promoting Solomon which offers no benefits in the game.
The reason Solomon hasn't financially benefited you guys is that you don't promote it as enough.
~Batz :@

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funyn how mmg jsut released letter/vid about this stuff and about the q and a
also forgot to add all the negative feedback from sof/solomon/eoc

also funny how mmg says he spends hours on forums when he post count IS HIDDEN and he has only replied to 3 threads, 1 which is advocating his FC LOL

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