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Dr Nofu
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Dr Nofu

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Recently I bought some Runecoins for the wealth evaluator and I had a good chunk left over. I do enjoy Fashionscape so I went into the depths of Solomon's store. I had already bought the Revenant set and another set and wanted to build upon them.

I first noticed the flaming skull. I'm thinking, 'this can be cool but seems kind of like an edgy thing to get. Oh why not'. When I got in-game and applied it I noticed that the design wasn't too pleasurable and that the colors were hard for me to discern the skulls details. This wasn't the biggest issue.

I then go back and want to build upon this. Something of a holy entity with a skull head. An oxymoron was what I was going for. After going through the whole store I decided on the skeleton wings.

Man oh man, do they look bad in-game or what. Barely visible at a distance and they aren't as big as I'd like.

"Well Nofu, we have a view of the cosmetic on a player model so you know what it looks like."

Yes you do and I appreciate it, but I cannot zoom in and out and move it around to really get a feel of it.

Would we ever be able to get a preview on our characters? Or even a character builder to mix and match to make our ultimate fashion?
I'll do a lot for 10 gp.

08-Jul-2018 23:34:03

Gali Nuva

Gali Nuva

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It already exists! You can wear items in game to see how they mix and match, and even purchase them while in game. Just make sure you have your cosmetics toggled to show unowned items too.

13-Jul-2018 04:27:39

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