Do RuneCoins Expire?

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Hello Do RuneCoins Expire?

I'm asking because I don't know lol obviously. I bought 5200 back in sep 2015 + the bonus one's from last years premier package I have 2010 left. Was just wondering when I need to use them up by. Having a hidden expiration date isn't very customer friendly.


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Actually.... I think Rune Coins Expire after a year or two of no use, but if you use any within a year, they don't expire.

This is how it used to be, unless they have changed it.

Loyalty Points on the other hand, are permanent.
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Original message details are unavailable.

14. Virtual Currencies, micro-game credits and virtual items
...Virtual Currency and Micro-Game Credits may expire if they have not been redeemed within a certain period after acquisition, so you should redeem these as soon as possible. The expiry period is whatever we specify when you acquire the Virtual Currency or Micro-Game Credits or, if we haven't specified a time limit, twelve months from acquisition....

Now only if there was a way to check how old they are.
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