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As someone who likes dressing up as animals in the game, I would like to request that better foot options be made.

I am ok with outfits existing like the Werewolf that just look like our character is wearing a costume, so basically socks with claw-things attached at the toe.

However I would really prefer to use a foot override that makes my foot look like a cat's foot, dog's foot, wolf's foot, etc.

The Satyr hoof also, looks like a special shoe, not a hoof. I would much prefer if I could just have a hoof.

If this seems strange to you, I invite you to take a good look at the double pegleg item from the Pirate outfits chest. Explain to me how our feet "fit" into that, then come back to me with your logic.

Thank you.

22-Jul-2018 23:36:20

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