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Mod Ayiza

Mod Ayiza

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Hi All,

I hope you've had a wonderful Christmas break!

I'll keep this one short and sweet, as it is New Year's Eve after all! We'd like to know what you feel the Community Management priorities should be for the next year!

Remember that this is specific to the Community Management team only. For example, some of the things I'd want to focus on are:

- Bringing back regular scheduled Community Streams
- Work closer with the various sub-communities within the game
- Using the forums more for specific/focused discussions

This is nowhere near my complete list as I don't want to influence your choices. This should be about what YOU want from us. It could be something we already do and should do more of, something we're not so great at and need to improve on or even something completely new you'd like to see us do!

I'll be checking through the posts when I return to the office on the 2nd January. I hope you all have a fantastic New Year! We have many exciting things coming in 2018, it's certainly something I'm looking forward to and I hope you are too :)

Mod Ayiza

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Hey Ayiza, thanks for posting this. One thing that bothered me the last few years/months is the communication with the Clan community, and the heavy Communication with the "E-Sports" one. I am fully aware that things that bring in money should have more effort put in, and be a bigger priority but as it is we kinda feel left out in the Clanning world. Many of us need simple improvements that would help the overall Clanning Community so much! I think there should be more talks going on between Leaders of clans & Jmods, to try find a solution to the issue in the Clanning world which is currently that the game is growing so fast (which is a really good thing) but the space that Clans can offer is still limited by the old ones where we did not have a big Community/Playerbase. I'm fully aware that we should not expect a Clan system for example untill ~2019, but I think we should atleast be able to expect some kind of way to allow more users in our friendschat (be it increasing friendslist space or something else). Mobile is coming up aswell, most of the engine guys are on that and that obviously takes away alot of potential updates to the CC engine, but we hope that some time can be made to look into the growing issue & space issue. I think that's a good 2018 Goal for Community Mods & Players to work on together, another thing would be the PvM/Skilling/PvP Competition aka the "Cups" that we've had in 2014 and 2016 (2016 for 2015's cup) which should also be done sometime this year hopefully as we've gathered, so I'm really excited for that! :)

Another thing that sometimes bothers me is the way some polls are written, they are confusing for the majority and often can and will lead to different results than some may expect (this can be seen alot by updates that pass and instantly get asked to be reworked/buffed/nerfed/you name it).

Other than that, I'm pretty satisfied with the Team, especially since Sween and You joined - we saw instant imp
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I love to see the Community Management Team more active on the forums, it would feel better and make the connection between the mods and players closer till a certain point.
I also like to see Mod hosted events for the players, like castle wars or just bossing is general.
I think some Player mods could help also with this.
The Community Management Team did a great in 2017 and i think these things can maybe be a bit better.

Oh god almost 2018! Happy New Year Everyone!!
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Itd be nice if you started asking players questions rather than us asking you questions. What i mean by this is really controversial questions, maybe stuff you've polled years ago but failed & get community input on it.

for example

- Should we add tier 80 weapons/armour?
- Do you prefer afk skilling yes/no?
- Do you prefer quests/bosses/skilling/minigames/pking?
- Would you like a skill like summoning in Oldschool Runescape?

obviously some are extremely controversial but it'd be nice for you to get that feedback so you have good ideas for future updates, rather than what reddit spams & what comes up in the Q&A

itd be nice if we had a platform other than reddit to get our ideas across & get feedback from staff on it. Ash is the only one who does this right now via his twitter & obviously he doesnt speak for all the jmods

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Would it be possible to separate the Oldschool Runescape & the RS3 forums?

I know they are somewhat separate at the moment but it would be nice to have an Oldschool only forum with an Oldschool Runescape theme that can only be accessed by visiting the OSRS website.

I think it would make the forums a lot more active. I personally tend to avoid using the forums because it doesn't feel or look very much like OSRS.

We would even add in an avatar photo booth, similar to the RS3 one.

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Frog Home

Frog Home

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I know this is off topic but is it possible for you guys to make a non updated version of OSRS? I am not asking if it is going to happen, I just wanted to know if it was even possible.

On topic: I think you guys are doing a great job already with the OSRS forums.

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Hey Ayiza,

Very interested in seeing more community events / streams from the OSRS team. I think possibly introducing a "podcast" of some sort would be a wonderful idea. Invite some of the more renowned / experienced players (vetted of course) onto a stream and discuss upcoming and possible updates, concerns they have themselves or concerns they've seen from their following if they're public figures (streamers, youtubers etc).

I'm not personally involved in many of the sub-communities so I can't really speak much on specifics; however I've seen many friends who are express their concerns on communication between them and the OSRS team. Seeing further engagement in this area would be great to see especially as I'm assuming there is significant expected growth from the mobile release.

On another note, I personally quite miss the bot busting streams ;)

Thank you for taking the time to gauge feedback.

Happy New Year to yourself and the OSRS team!
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31-Dec-2017 17:38:05

M Lucas
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M Lucas

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Dear Ayiza,

First of all, yes, I had a great Christmas!

As for the role of Community Management, I am actually quite unsure what your job includes and requires on a daily basis. I've asked a couple of friends and they're curious too. Obviously, the goal is to improve the game (the experience, if you will) for the players, but by which means do you wish to achieve this? I too, do understand that's exactly what you're asking us, but it's all quite vague.

Of the small list you drew, I feel like using the forums more is a very good way to make more people feel like they are not being ignored. Just browsing through the forums, I can see many complaints about people who feel ignored by the "Jagex Mods", and I assume they mean Community Managers specifically.

For now, I'll be celebrating New Years. Maybe I'll have more thoughts later.

Happy new year! :)

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I'd like to see the loot from 1,000 streams making their comeback. Definitely keep up with the design streams aswell since they are interesting to watch. Another thing that community managers can do is to have a Q&A stream hosted by one Jmod ( the person that has been working on the content mostly ) and give the people clear answers so they know what to vote.
I also think we should change the requirements of being able to vote, more playtime and higher total level would make sense.
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31-Dec-2017 18:07:07

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