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AFG Pkers
Jan Member 2018

AFG Pkers

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Something needs to be done with all these bots. There are hundreds of them plaguing the wilderness, the banks, the grand exchange, and they even spam you in private message. Perhaps we need more player moderators?

21-Feb-2018 21:29:22

Kammerat Dk
Aug Member 2015

Kammerat Dk

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The best thing we can do is to keep report them when you stand next to them.
- I can confirm Jagex take care of the reports. - I've reported a lot of them, and they seems to disappear.
I don't think the problem will be solved that easly as they just create a new account in no time.
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21-Feb-2018 22:24:28

Jan Member 2016


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As Piiphans mentioned above, your best bet is to report players you suspect of botting. As far as the spammers/private messages go, its best to just add them to your ignore list and set your "Private" in game to friends only. This allows only your friends the ability to send you pm's. As bots are being removed from the game, just as many are being created. I think that's what is giving people the thoughts of Jagex not doing their part in removing them but believe me, They are. It's not exactly an easy task.

21-Feb-2018 23:33:16

Guy Who Solo

Guy Who Solo

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I hope that everyone understands the struggle that when you kill one of them. Other one WILL replace it.

Ive seen lot of botters lately (suprise) but also seen they been dealt with. So do use the report button but dont over use it so saidly. And just saying, lot of high levels do tend to bot aswell so its not always the cute 3 levels :)
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22-Feb-2018 19:42:59

Jun Member 2015


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AFG Pkers said:
Perhaps we need more player moderators?

Player moderators can't ban bots though. Report them and stop relying on Jagex alone.

The whole reason there are so many bots in the first place is because most of the playerbase buys gold from these people, which should give you some idea as to how much the community care about this issue
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23-Feb-2018 14:05:22

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24-Feb-2018 08:19:31

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