Tool belt and Bank Presets

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xDarth Yodax
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xDarth Yodax

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I've been playing Runescape since 2005 and I love OSRS. I like how it maintains the challenge of the original game, But what I would like to see is the addition to a toolbelt and bank presets.

These two will not take away from the game but make life just a little easier and more efficient when it comes to skilling and bossing.

I have talked to several friends, so far everything likes the idea. I am curious about the rest of the community and what Jagex thinks about the idea.

21-Apr-2019 21:04:28



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Adding an auto sort like is in alot of games that simply groups similar items would be great, you know food here raw food here, equipable itmes here, with all weapons first then all of each type of armour lined up and organized by quality, like bronze dagger than iron dagger so on and so forth, so toggle the button once and it organizes you whole bank, but have the option to lock items in certain places and have the different types of items sepperated by tabs like farming stuff in this tab equipment in this tab, and things that are used for multiple things would show in each tab they are used for, only counting as one bank slot still of course

22-Apr-2019 22:53:52

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