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HI all,

Just wanted to write this as I think this necklace needs a more major buff.

Currently if you want to get the item as a drop and wield it this is what you need:

- Complete grandmaster quest (200 quest points, 70 smith, 68 mining, other high stats)
- grandmaster quest in itself is hard with the bosses in the quest to be killed
- be able to kill lvl 732 vorkath! (potentially atleast 1,000 times)
- the drop of the necklace is 1/1,000
- you need 80 PRAYER to even wield it!
- you have to pick up bones and bury them for it to restore prayer (if yu use piety/rigour/augury the time taken to bury them would be a waste of prayer points in relation to how much gained)
- to add bonecrusher you need to complete a hard diary which involve a large number of tasks, quests and higher level stats

So with the bone crusher you auto-bury and gain prayer. No offensive stats at all. The bonuses you loose with replacing it for this necklace i dont think are worth it as the rate to which you often use prayer is faster than you would kill things.
I propose a SMALL buff is made to tip it over the edge because currently it is not worth doing al the quests, stats and killing vorkath for a 1/1,000 drop.

The suggestion (made by multiple people) would be to offer a sink for things like glories or other amulets which are predominantly used for teleporting so there are so many in the game. I would suggest that this necklace can absorb glories and it would take the accuracy stats, or part of the glory stats with NO strength bonus added.

This then becomes a more prayer/accuracy based necklace (a bit like a brimstone ring in terms of accuracy) with no overpowered things like strength bonus.
This also means the total amount of glories in game will decrease, the price will be much better for glories as well as them still being useful due to their strength bonuses!
When charging the Dragonstone Necklace it could turn into a Glorified Dragonstone Necklace that has charges

22-Apr-2019 12:18:44

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I think it is fine as it is. I use it on some tasks when I think the convenience of being able to afk with prayer is worth the loss in dps. If it isn't good enough for you, don't use it.

22-Apr-2019 13:02:16

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That is literally the dumbest reply ever. It’s is insanely locked down content which requires so much to get with such a small niche reward. It offers a slight increase to prayer afk time but anything ur praying against is not that afk due to the fear of dying if your prayer drops (hence why u have prayer on). It’s hardly a high enough bonus that makes it that much more afk regardless.

So to make it more viable it should have more of a buff to make the hard work to earn that reward worth using it! With most other things this has been the case and addressed and buffed, but this bit of content no one seems to have noticed much it’s an absolutely joke.

Stoles are so cheap and give significant prayer bonuses, yet require hardly anything to wield them and cost nothing. This is a grandmaster item!

22-Apr-2019 21:05:44

The Infernix
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The Infernix

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Leave the DCN as-is, please.
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