High tier craftable items

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Craftable items that do not drop from any NPC's that are similar but not better than other high tear equipment, for all fighting styles, mage gear range gear melee gear.

My actual suggestion was to make the really good equipment untradable meaning you would have to obtain them yourself and not purchase them, and have only craftable equipment be tradable, it would make the game economy feel much more player ran, and have all equipment degrade and eventually break so you have to reaquire equipment, so player made equipment would be the base equipment (it would still degrade) and you would seek out the better gear and use it till it breaks and then you'd have to drop back to player made gear if you didn't already have a spare waiting, player made gear would be repairable but only if you have a high enough skill level (less than required to make the gear) and it would consume resources, like a repairing a 50% degraded rune plate would take three rune bars ( the percentage of degration rounded up of the material to create it)

But things wouldn't degrade quickly it would take a while, like each tier would be more durable than the previous tier and you would have to attack like 1000 times to break a bronze weapon (with over damage breaking it alittle faster like have the weapon able to handle X amount of damge per swing and make it degrade faster if you have a high enough strength level to do more damage than X)

But that is of course impossible without pretty much making a whole new game and it would piss of everyone, unless it was a totally different server (like RS3, OSRS, and then the new version) so not possible lol

22-Apr-2019 23:16:50

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