The Measure's Mortal Name.

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Or... The Elder Thingy That Goes Ding When There's Stuff.

Or... The Divining Rod of [Insert Name Here]
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24-Jul-2015 07:55:20

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Solanumtinkr said:
I would wait until it does something other than ding like an egg timer. I'm sure it'll get a name if and when it takes the stage.
There we go- egg timer.
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03-Dec-2016 05:26:39



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Nuada said:
The Divining Rod?

This seems oddly appropriate.
The other known artifacts are typically associated with who owned them at some point:
"Staff of Armadyl," "Stone of Jas/Fist of Guthix/Eye of Saradomin," "The Horn of Quin"

The Elder Kiln is an exception, but hey, if you can carry that thing around, we'll name it after you. The Measure was "in the possession" of Mah and/or Zaros, or they were at least in its vicinity, so maybe, THE MAH STICK or THE ROD OF ZAROS would happen, then again, you (the adventurer) have been carrying the darn thing around for some time, so maybe the [player] Detector, or That Thing that Chichi Keeps in Her Drawer!

03-Dec-2016 05:44:35

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