Make Oddments Permanent!

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Silvery Lynx

Silvery Lynx

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No support. Why? All the weapons/upgrades the oddments store has to offer I ALREADY HAVE. Silverhawk boots? Got em. Dragon trinkets both chromatic and metallic? I have more in the bank THAN I WILL EVER USE. Why should I take more? TH keys? Pffft. using cryptocurrency A to buy cryptocurrency B is stupid and a waste. Bout the only thing there I'd use is the feathers for the silverhawk boots. You can keep the oddments IF THERE IS A TOGGLE ADDED so that ppl like me who don't want them can get gp instead of oddments we have no use for. Otherwise, limit this to a week or two per year. tops. Otherwise is just m ore cr*p.

28-Jun-2018 23:00:20

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