Make Oddments Permanent!

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Realized i havent posted in this one yet. Support.

And these are what i agree most with out of the thread so far.

Turksta said:
Draco Burnz said:
Turksta said:
Making Oddments permanent will bring in many positive benefits to both Jagex and players alike, as Jagex can make more money and players can spend money to obtain the items at their own pace.

Yet a jmod already said no to this.
Stances can change.
Turksta said:
Silvery Lynx said:
When you're one of those who have all the "rares" that oddments can give you, getting oddments is a flaming waste of time and energy and currency pouch space.

NO support.
Why? Just because it doesn't benefit you does not mean it is not beneficial at all. Stop being so selfish. Jagex could add rewards where you could make use of.
Your opinions here can affect us all. Please post for the better

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