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Garlandiel said:
Some questions...
1) Could you address the 2nd chance tuesday promos that are coming back?
2) In this October, if we have another time-limited event, like Birth by Fire or Agents of Fury, would it be possible that event mystery boxes reward us the Trickster and the Treated titles? (I believe a lot of players want this!) Another one would be the pumpkin amulet (please make sure it can be banked or keepsaked).
3) Any chance the sinister clown face was available on SGS? It was said after release it would be available in the future, but it never happened.
That's all. Thanks!
To add on,
1) Yes please
2) OR better yet rerelease the events themselves so players who have missed out have another chance. Also, along with the pumpkin amulet there's also the christmas pudding amulet, as well as the festive mistletoe and even the xmas raffle items (christmas lootbeam and buddy pet)
3) Support

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This isn't so much about the upcoming events outlined but its related to the events that the 'Live Events' team runs.

When you all have holiday events or things like the fire event, you move alot of F2P accounts back to Burthorpe so that they are in a "safe area". Essentially if someone completely misses one of these events, their account is moved back to Burthorpe even if they aren't anywhere near the event.

Could you all only move accounts back to Burthorpe if they are actually near the holiday event/holiday npcs? Accounts at the Grand Exchange shouldn't be moved back to Burthorpe if a holiday event happens in Lumbridge is what I'm saying. The reason I say this is because I had ~2k-2.5k alts at the Grand Exchange, and the holiday events are partially why they keep getting moved back to Burthorpe. It's strenuous having to move them to the GE.

In short, can you change what dictates whether or not you move an account back to Burth after holiday events?
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