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To start it is a interesting way to bring cosmetics into the game without the luck factor of “Keys”.
I am also aware this is a test project to see how people react to it. That being said I have some feedback and ideas to hopefully help your team.

Seeing as this is a two week trial I am aware it is unfair to base to much opinion on Cost/Reward.
That being said 11$ worth of runecoins for only 2 weeks of content is not worth it. I have extra runecoins on my account so I figured why not try it out, but having to pay an extra months membership to access this is a tad silly. Going forward I would hope that it would run monthly and have a monthly purchase price or yearly, like gold premier club. I would also like to see the price dropped to around 250-300 RC unless it was made monthly then around 350-400 would be fine.

The tasks so far seem like a good mix of easy-medium dificulty which is good. After factoring in that the XP daily resets every day and the amount of starfish needed to get to your goal. It was designed well without having to be a huge grindfest to obtain what you are shooting for. I would one day like to see this run side by side with TH, with most of the cosmetic promos being through runepass and the regular lamp promos staying on TH. I also think there should be a static Runepass courency that is obtainable through TH and can be stored until you want to spend it.

Overall I like this idea very much and would like to see it be made even better!

03-Jul-2018 18:45:20

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If TH gets removed and exp rewards from runepass get removed, then IMO runepass would be fine to stay. Other details can be worked out as necessary. > )
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03-Jul-2018 19:37:26

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