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I was given a pc with vga connection video output only. It worked till i let my brother "help" me get it going ( only needed operating sys) after he swapped the hard drive and ram(i think its called. The storage amount one) now the vga connection doesnt send any signal to my tv, like it did before he messed with it. Do i have to replace the mother board to correct this issue without killing myself having a tech swap the hardware for the vga port off the motherbard?

21-Apr-2018 08:35:32

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Thunder Jinx

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Your operating system is stored on your harddrive, so you would either have to put the old harddrive back in the computer or purchase a new operating system. Most desktop computers have plenty of space for additional harddrives, so you don't need to throw either one away.
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21-Apr-2018 12:22:38

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So it worked before he changed the components (hard drive and RAM)? And now no longer sends a signal to the TV?

Does the PC actually turn on? Do you see signs of power being delivered to the components and board itself (fans spinning or any LED lights lit up)?

Has the RAM been correctly seated into the slot? You might want to try re-seating it properly and ensure it clicks into place properly. It's common to get this wrong.

Is the RAM used even supported by the motherboard? Not all RAM modules work on every system.

Do you happen to know your PC specs as well? This would help quite a bit.

21-Apr-2018 14:44:19

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Hi shastaknight,

Few questions for you.

1. Are you on a laptop or desktop?
2. What is your make/model?
3. Operating system?
4. Graphics card? (Integrated or dedicated)
5. Did you install the proper drivers?

Did you check the input you have selected on your monitor? Is it on the VGA input.
Do you know how to check your display settings?

It's not a RAM issue.

22-Apr-2018 21:07:24

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TuuckingFypo said:
It's not a RAM issue.

What makes you say this?

RAM can commonly cause no signal problems, especially if the RAM is not correctly seated or, worse, is not compatible with the motherboard.

This is assuming the OP has worded the parts correctly (possible he hasn't). If he's correctly identified the changed component as RAM, then RAM can be a culprit as he mentioned that it was one of the components that got changed/swapped.

As the system has undergone changes from his brother (he changed several parts), the problem most likely lies with what was changed (either compatibility issue or improper installation).

23-Apr-2018 01:10:31



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we need to install the RAM in the correct slot according to the manual of the motherboard
we cannot just random chose a slot to install, there could be problem such as instability, unable to bootup or even hardware damage.
This is what someone told me

also clrCMOS may also help

23-Apr-2018 15:00:09

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