Cant load RS2 Client on my mac

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I can log in, it leaves me in the lobby, when i go to "play now" it takes me to the game, but the screen is black; random boxes will start to show up, the game freezes, will freeze for about 5 minutes and then kick me back to the lobby. I have updated my mac, java. I have uninstalled and reinstalled the client SO many times. I have cleared cache. Nothing is working!
i can't seem to get a reply or find a email address to get help! There is nothing wrong with my mac; its the client. It was working fine monday morning. i go to log in monday night and it starts kicking me all the time. Even with graphics on minimum settings. Sometimes it will even turn my mac off.

Please help! I don't want to be paying for a game i can't use!

MacBook (Retina, 12-inch, Early 2016)
Processor 1.1GHz Intel Core M3
Memory 8 GB 1867 MHz LPDDR3
Startup Disk Macintosh HD
Graphics Intel HD Graphics 515 1536 MB

15-Apr-2018 01:44:27



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same exact issue here. new java, rs deleted and reinstalled. literally same exact issue. been about 3 weeks now. so canceling my membership subscription now. original post I had had a few people looking into it but now falling in pages in forum to be lost forever.

extremely frustrating how one day is no problems and then suddenly never works again and nobody knows the problem. I agree that it is a client issue.

15-Apr-2018 22:10:46



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oh really? thats a real shame that Jagex aren't helping. I thought i was the only one, and all anyone can tell me is go buy a windows computer. Like yeah sure ill just pull the money out of thin air. Such unhelpful people. :( Looks like ill be cancelling my subscription aswell.

Thanks Jagex.

16-Apr-2018 03:43:16



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Still having the same issue; have contacted Jagex, being told to do the same things I have already done multiple times by all these different people.

Really wish they would actually READ the messages properly.

So disappointing!

19-Apr-2018 01:52:06

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Mac's are not the best machines to play RuneScape in, if you check the progress of the cache, how much does it say it's downloaded? The cache should be around 6GB in size and you need to let that download before you play or it causes slow performance.

Are you on the latest version of OSX with all the latest drivers installed? What GPU do you have? Is it dedicated like an AMD/Nvidia or are you running off an Intel one?

Something you can do if things are really not working is use the old Java legacy client and see if that's any better, keep in mind you also need to let the cache download over there too.

To get the legacy client click on my link here.

See how you go with this, feel free to update me on the matter by reposting on this thread :). I hope my information has been of help to you!
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22-Apr-2018 17:56:36



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So i spoke too soon,

Its now playing up again.

Considering my mac was looked at by professionals, There is absolutely nothing wrong with my mac AT ALL.

The problem is with the client not being compatible with the latest version of Mac high sierra.

Have messages jagex about it; hopefully they will fix this issues asap.

Very disappointed with the "help" I have received and all the issues.

25-Apr-2018 07:16:13

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