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I just started playing again 2 days ago. Everything was going fine for a couple of days, but when I tried to log in this morning I was asked for an authenticator code. I have never used an authenticator before (I'm not even sure they existed when I last played), so I thought this was a bit weird. I clicked the 'problems logging in' button and said I wanted to disable my authenticator and then clicked the link in the email confirming I wanted to do that.

However, now when I try to log in, after I put in my password I get an error message which says "Your account has not logged out from its last session or the server is too busy to handle your request. Please try again in a few minutes or try a different server". I have tried closing down the launcher, letting some time pass, all the obvious things but it still isn't working.

Any ideas?

22-Sep-2017 09:03:36



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Just as an update to this I gave it an hour and then rebooted my PC again and this time it worked. But now whenever I log in the game only shows in a small window in the top left of my screen (although the UI is still spread all over the screen. Has anyone seen this before?

22-Sep-2017 10:57:29

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To change the screen back follow my steps below.

1) While in game press the "Esc" escape key, to bring up the "Options Menu"

2) While in the Options Menu look for where it says "Quick Load Layout"

3) This should be a drop down click the drop down and you will see a list of options there, just select the first option on the drop down that says "Rs3 Default"

4) Clicking on this should bring your game back to full screen and then you can move your interfaces around as you wish :).

See how you go with this, feel free to update me on the matter by reposting on this thread :). I hope my information has been of help to you!
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22-Sep-2017 21:01:45



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Cheers Lone Druid. I eventually managed to fix the problem using the 3D World edit option (which I never knew existed but I found on google someone who had the same problem). Back up and running now, thanks!

24-Sep-2017 18:39:56

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I have the same problem but i already reset my password. i can login but i get that same message.I have another account i share with a friend and my main account is offline on my friends list but when i look in clan chat its online. please help!

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