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Hi All,

I've just upgraded my phone, and I've re-installed the google authenticator, however, is there a way to register my accounts authenticator without having to go through the rigmarole of disabling and re-enabling it? I'm aware this may have been asked before so I hope someone may have an answer.

24-Sep-2017 00:18:01

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since rs seems to want me to use authenticator although in all my years ive never been hacked, thought I would actually try to do it . it says app installed cannot find the icon to open it. then I find something that says there is an error. the film was useless tto me it says it was like my online banking, something I wont do. do I need to check on my phone and uninstall, where would the icon to open be hiding it doesn't show up anywhere I can see. do I need to uninstall and somebody describe exactly what to do in words of one syllable plz
I'm not very tech savvy as an older mem, thanks in anticipation

had some real life help =)

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