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Sep Member 2017


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For short I'm fairly new, I've been playing for two months. Today I bought a month of membership to see what the game has to offer. After the payment I logged in and bought some herbs to clean so I could boost my herblore. Right away I noticed I was gaining no xp at all. So I switched and started making arrows for fletching, still no xp. Then I got out some logs and lit a fire, and the same happened. Now since I payed for membership I can no longer gain xp. I have no clue what's going on but has this happened to anyone else? I'm fairly new to this game, I'm only a couple months into it, but since I've been playing I've loved it. So today I bought membership. After the payment I went back into the game and discovered I could not get xp from anything I did. I mean zero xp for anything at all. wtf is going on?:@

23-Sep-2017 06:41:38

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