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Hi. I went into the "Earns" tab of the Solomon's General Store from my lobby and saw that sweet deal on 1k RuneCoins if I signed up a brand new account with Hulu for their 5.99 monthly deal.

I signed up, my stupid MalwareBites Virus Protection blocked what I assume was the confirmation page to give me my RuneCoins, and now I think I screwed up royally because in a surge of panic I went through my blocked website list to unblock it, and it was gone! Poof!

So while also in said panic, I cancelled my Hulu membership, but it was too late as I pretty much lost 6.99 US $ :/ (Which of course I'll contact my bank and Hulu about that later if I cannot receive my RuneCoins anymore, otherwise I'll keep the membership)

Is there ANY way to get the pop up again so that I can still receive my Runecoins if I re-instated my Hulu Membership account? Or am I basically screwed? So sorry for this really dumb question ><

Nevermind I think? I re-instated my Hulu subscription for the month and I THINK it gave me my runecoins then, but hopefully I'll be able to keep them!! Sorry for the troubles!
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Awesome to hear that the issue has been resolved, I'll give this thread a gentle lock now, but if you have more technical issues in the future, please do create another thread in these technical sections and we would love to help you out again.

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