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To try and condense all the Mobile feedback into one post I'm creating this thread.

Post away with your constructive feedback! We'll be on top of what comes up :)
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08-Oct-2018 11:22:15



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Pressing and holding is awkward to use while I am running, because it seems to check what's under your finger _after_ you have released it.

The Single tap gameplay option doesn't appear to work 100% of the time either, sometimes choosing to interact with an object immediately.

08-Oct-2018 14:25:14

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Quick feedback after logging in the first time -- lots of bugs, though given they were graphical, they weren't too much of a bother. I started in the suggested graphics mode -- there, I had issues with parts of interfaces disappearing for moment, then flashing back.

Eventually, I switched to low power mode, and the flashing resolved itself, but I then had issues with jitter -- the game would frequently pause and resume -- sometimes, while running, my character would appear to move backwards.

I ran around a bit, talked to NPCS, etc (new dialogue menu is amazing!) Finding menus to do various things isn't great, but given how complex the game's interface is, I don't think I could have expected any better. I opened up the invention discovery menu, just to try out something relatively obscure, and it worked great, so good job on that =P

So overall, lots of work for ya'll, but I'm genuinely amazed at what has been accomplished so far -- the mobile app is usable.

My phone is a Sony Xperia XZ1 Compact btw.

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I am having some trouble closing menus, i.e settings, and opening the different tabs for skills, inventory, i am using a Huawei P20 Pro, overall i can log in move around and access things like talking to npc's, attacking monsters. very pleased to have this on the go.

08-Oct-2018 14:38:17

pathrise ice
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small bug with ability bars, even when other bars are selected the ability bar doesn't seem to change.

posted this in the content issue thread, but wasnt sure if i should say something here or not.

08-Oct-2018 14:42:42

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Clarification is required... News post says Android 5.0 but the FAQ says Android 6.0. I have mobile working on my phone with Android 8.0.0 but crashes on my tablet when it loads, and it has Android 5.0.2. Which version of Android is required?

Phone is Samsung Galaxy S8+ and tablet is Samsung Galaxy Tab A.
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