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Hey all,

While playing the mobile test, you may experience some content related issues. To ensure we get concise information, please read below before posting.

For the sanity of our QA team, can you ensure your cache has fully downloaded before reporting certain issues. You can check the size of your cache by swiping 4 finger down to bring up the console and typing "displayfps" into the console. If your disk cache is below 3GB then please hold off on reporting texture swapping and location loading issues.

What is a mobile content related issue?

A mobile content related issue is an issue which is present on the mobile client but is absent on the desktop version of the RuneScape client.

What will be the most common issue?

The most common issue you will encounter will be user interfaces incompatibility. As RuneScape was originally designed to be played with a keyboard and mouse, a few challenges might arise using a touch screen interface.

What should we look out for?

Anything and everything!
If something doesn't look right, let us know.
If you get performance drops in certain areas, let us know.
If you are unable to progress through a quest, let us know.
If you have graphical issues, let us know.

What should I not report?

If you find an exploitable bug please do not report it on this thread, use the in game reporting system or contact a member of Jagex directly via twitter.

Why is my cache not downloading?

While playing, your cache will only download what is required to play. Your cache will begin downloading on WiFi AND Cellular data while in the lobby or the login screen. So until you have downloaded the entire cache, I would recommend downloading all 3GB over WiFi.

Example template

Device name: Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge
Model Number: SM-G935F
Location: United Kingdom
Wifi: Yes
Cellular: 4G
Data Provider: Three
OS: Android
OS version: 7.0

Playtime (Approx): 15 minutes
What is the issue?: Flickering green triangles
Where is the issue?: Outside the cooks guild
Does restarting the client fix the issue?: Yes

Reporting Template

Copy & paste into your post, and then complete as per the example above.

Device name:
Model Number:
Data Provider:
OS version:

Playtime (Approx):
What is the issue?:
Where is the issue?:
Does restarting the client fix the issue?:

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