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I'm using a huawei mate 10 pro.
Everything seems to work fine and better than expected, but sometimes when i use the chat it doesn't show or add the first character i type.
There seems to be a delay of maybe a second or 2 before i can start typing while the keyboard showed up directly.
So if the keyboard shows up and i start typing, it always skips the first character but when i wait 2 seconds it doesn't.
Does anyone else have this weird problem before and after the last update?
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14-Jan-2019 15:56:49

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Device name: Samsung Galaxy S7
Model Number: SM-G930F
Location: UK
Wifi: unlimited mobile data
Cellular: 4g
Data Provider: Virgin
OS: Android
OS version: 8.0

Issue 1: unable to save bank preset for beast of burden.
Issue 2: buttons across the top of the lobby screen don't work (mail, etc.)
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31-Jan-2019 23:30:38

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I have discovered that, using my authenticator when "trusting this device for the next 30 days", my authenticator does not work. Once I untick the box to "trust" I instantly log in. I have tested this multiple times with 5 different codes and it still happens. Is this a known issue or a new one?

08-Feb-2019 15:46:06

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Dont know if this is already reported but on my phone (SM-G928F) galaxy s6e+
i cant perform the use function on items in my inventory.
for example use ore box on deposit box.

further more its a great app and i am playing thru it for several hours a day.

keep up the good work.

19-Feb-2019 16:22:42

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