Any new testers allowed?

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Silas Caine
Jan Member 2019

Silas Caine

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I'm a long time player, playing since early 2000 and I would love to be a tester for RS3 mobile. I'm enjoying OSRS mobile, but I'd rather devote my time to RS3, as it's the only way to play on my long time character. I know it's early access now, but is there any news as to when we will see more available spots? Or just a full release? Not angry, just really excited :)

17-Jan-2019 15:42:40

Mod Asherz

Mod Asherz

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Keep an eye on here and all socials as we will let everyone know when more spaces become available.
Mod Asherz

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21-Jan-2019 10:56:35

Jan Member 2019


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Looking for possible beta space hopefully soon been checking daily I use my android tablet all the time and i am always pretty much available
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25-Jan-2019 16:58:46

Feb Member 2019


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You're not missing out. There are major glitches that make the game unplayable for many people that they are choosing to ignore. Some people haven't been able to even log in since the beta was released and for others like myself, all players and NPCs including monsters are invisible. These issues have been present for months. They aren't even trying with this... "Close your eyes and pray for something better than this world has to give
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09-Feb-2019 19:37:58

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