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19th of December

Hi and welcome to the
Christmas Countdown Advent-ure

It's a commonly known fact that Evil Reindeer are always watching and following you around Christmas time; in fact, they have been following you for years and years - you just haven't noticed yet!

Today is a little bit of a tricky one, the Evil Reindeer have been spotted throughout different periods of time watching and observing waiting for their time to strike against lost adventurers.

All you need to do for today's prize is simple: you have to tell us which year the Reindeer is visiting... if you need a hint, you can cross reference the pictures on our very own RuneScape Wiki!

Today you can win
2 bonds

The usual
Terms and Conditions

Best of luck!

Mod Meadows.
~RuneScape Community Management.

~ Mod Meadows ~ Forum Curator ~ Tweet Me @JagexMeadows ~

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