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22nd of December

Hi and welcome to the
Christmas Countdown Advent-ure

Today is a different type of challenge, we’re asking you to
say in less that 100 words, which three
Jagex Moderators
you would like to spend Christmas day with and what you would want to do with them.

(I'm also going to share this awesome picture with you, of lots of us in our Jagex Christmas Jumpers!)

As with the other creative competitions, your submissions won't be hidden.

One of you will win
Bronze Premier Club!

*cough* I hope one of them is me *cough*

The usual
Terms and Conditions

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Best of luck!

Mod Meadows.
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Even though he's technically no longer a jmod as of recently, I hope it still counts: Mod Ayiza's love for runecrafting is commendable, and I'd want to do some runs with him! > )

Secondly, Mod Ash: I don't think I'd want to work for Jagex full-time (just to keep work and fun separate), but having Mod Ash help me with developing something to the game as a one-off thing could be nice.

Finally, you can't have enough RuneStats, so why not spend a day delving through Jagex's data with Mod Lottie?
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I'd like to spend christmas with:

- Mod Raven, for questing and lore are my favourite thing to do in the game
- Mod Shauny, as he has done so many good updates and is really active in the community
- Mod Kieren, because he is very passionate about the game and always has a smile on

I want to spend some time coming up with new ideas for the game, maybe even develop something together!

20-Dec-2018 13:57:51

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I'd have to pick the mods I've had most fun with on discord:
Mod Kylar, who may or may not be a professional air guitarist;
Mod Raven, who surely has a "lovely wholesome" story to tell (and enjoys black humor);
and Mod Pebble, just to rock his world with the occasional puns he adores so much.

Merry Christmas! :D
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20-Dec-2018 15:16:31

War tortoise
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War tortoise

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Mod maz, Mod Shauny and Mod shauny V2 (Mod Porkie).

would go out to lunch with them or something and talk about clans, maybe play some games?
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arcblade kb
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arcblade kb

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Mod Shogun, Mod Chaose, and Mod Raven. Given their eclectic mix of interests, that doesn't involve Runescape, we'd have plenty to talk about ... before starting a D&D game that goes completely off the rails. Why do people think I'm crazier than a room full of foxes in a psychiatric ward? Do they ever stop to think how the foxes got in there in the first place?
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Mod Raven
Mod Poerkie
, and
Mod Ash
because they seem like cool and knowledgable people. (Plus Mod Poerkie's name reminds me of the character from Earthbound!) Christmas day would probably just be chilling out and I guess I'd ask a few questions about what they do. Obviously I wouldn't keep them too long, they have families to spend the day with too. Of course there would be snacks, well I'd bring them. Flying to England would be the better choice than having three people fly to Texas.
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Clearly Mod Meadows, as he's obviously the best JMod who runs the coolest competitions! ;) Along with Mods Raven and Jack for some great lore discussion.

As it's Christmas we'd have to go have a big Christmas lunch!
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20-Dec-2018 15:55:48

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I don't think I could choose three specific moderators. In my mind Jagex is one big person doing everything to make an amazing game. I would just point at three people from the picture and listen and watch them work and interact with each other, for that is what I enjoy. When people work on something with dedication I feel inspired to do better in my own life. Being the quiet guy that I am, I like listening to people talk about their work and life experiences.

20-Dec-2018 17:24:27

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