Overnight Transport to London

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If you were to get a taxi at 11pm to Aldershot train station, you would be back in London for midnight. This would be for the last train and you would have to change at Woking.

If you missed that connecting train because of issues on the railway, it would be the station's responsibility to get you to your destination - for instance they would pay for a taxi*

**: strike happy, they seem to have died down a bit for the time being. It's over some nonsense about drivers operating the doors rather than having a train guard to do it instead.

Usually if you're in a major city, bus transport goes through the night in some capacity. Last night I took a 3.50am coach back from a neighbouring city after a night out and it was fine. It's just that this is in Farnborough, but does have a load of hotel accommodation nearby, which I think is one of the reasons they went for that venue.
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