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(Post No.8 for updates log)

Decided to set up a thread for my short/long term goals for RuneScape. This thread will consist of some information about myself, goals, some notes/thoughts about the achievement process and some other information.

I guess I could call myself a Veteran as I've started playing RuneScape back in 2005's. I have had some breaks in my gaming career due to many reasons - including but not limited to overheating from the game, real life issues and else, nevertheless, I have always found myself wandering back to RuneScape, either just to check what is new within RuneScape or to have a friendly chat with some old friends. Before my longer break from RuneScape I have always wanted to test Mithril Dragons as these looked something amazing these days along side with Dragon Full helm's release, however, managed to do that only after few years when Summoning, Dungeoneering and a lot of other awesome stuff was introduced to the game. Speaking of Dungeoneering - it was surprisingly happy to see something new introduced for F2P players, as well as some new quests being available for F2P.

Before the longest break from RuneScape, my highest achievements were 85 Fletching, still in those days, when stringing 14 unstrung bows required 28 clicks, followed by 80 cooking (yep, in that time, cooking in Rogues' Den was also pretty much painful to fingers as that also required 56 clicks per inventory). Nevertheless, enough of the past, let's focus on the present!

For the last 3 years and a bit, I am a member of RS Outreach events community and if I am on, I can be found in RS_Outreach friends chat & Clan chat if that one is open for guests. Moreover, my Private chat is always turned to on, therefore, feel free to add, pm, chat. My gaming motto is to always look forward and as a result of that I tend to do a lot of activities in game - a little bit of everything as that allows me not to overheat.

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Due to the training style mentioned above (doing a little bit of everything) levelling up seems to be not as fast as it could be, however, it allows to meet interesting players across whole RuneScape due to frequent rotation of my area.

As for my goals, why I decided to name my thread as a "road to HLF" - I have always been jealous of those who have an access to High Level Forums as I suspect that there might be some interesting discussions going on. Of course, having a Max or Completionist cape would be awesome due to an ability to customize it in the way you wish, however, having a goal of Maxing psychologically sounds harder than having a goal of gaining an access to High Level Forums, even though requirements are the same.

Favourite activities within the game
I can easily say that my most favourite skill to train is Farming as I see it as a side-skill which does not require constant attention. You plant your plants and forget them until these are grown. Moreover, it acts perfectly as an activity to take a break from the other skill you have been training before, once again, in order not to get bored.

As from Distractions and Diversions side - my favourites are Shooting Stars, Player Owned Ports and Circus. As for Stars - it provides an ability to meet interesting players to have a chat with, as for others - these are fun :) I usually make group calls for the shooting stars in RS_Outreach Friends&Clan chats; RS Outreach thread and Twitter with #RuneScape tag. Most of the times, Shooting stars are on RS Outreach homeworld (World 71) and few other Outreachers can be met at the star too!

Oh, and of course Clue Scrolls! No matter the difficulty, all of those are fun to do, no matter what the reward is :)

Least favourite activities
On Post 9 (Apologies, forgot to add this section before)

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Invention: 1/99

Requirements met:
(From earliest to latest)
1) Cooking 99/99 (2011's)
2) Farming 99/99 (2012's)
3) Strength 99/99 (2012's)
4) Hitpoints 99/99 (2012's)
5) Crafting 99/99 (2013's)
6) Prayer 99/99 (2013's)
7) Magic 99/99 (2013's)
8) Attack 99/99 (2014's Jan)
9) Slayer 99/99 (2014's Jan)
10) Defence 99/99 (2014's Jan)
11) Hunter 99/99 (2014-02-21)
12) Summoning 99/99 (2014-02-21)
13) Herblore 99/99 (2014-02-22)
14) Ranged 99/99 (2014's March)
15) Dungeoneering 118/120 (99 from 2014's March; 118 from 2016-06-25)
16) Construction 99/99 (2014-04-19)
17) Mining 99/99 (2014-07-20)
18) Fletching 99/99 (2014-08-03)
19) Smithing 99/99 (2014-08-10)
20) Agility 99/99 (2014-08-19)
21) Woodcutting 99/99 (2014-12-12)
22) Thieving 99/99 (2014-12-19)
23) Fishing 99/99 (2015-01-23)
24) Firemaking 99/99 (2015-01-25)
25) Divination 99/99 (2015-04-24)
26) Runecrafting 99/99 (2015-05-03)

Requirements not met:
(From highest to lowest)

Additional long-term goals

Virtual stats
Farming: 119/120
Slayer: 105/120

At the moment, I have one additional goal - to obtain Farming Master cape. This goal is a very long term one and indeed, it will take a while to achieve it. As of 2015-09-08 I have 100,000,000 XP in Farming, out of 104,273,166 XP needed.

Another side-way goal is level-120 slayer, will focus more on it after I achieve my main goal, however, will do a task or two time to time. Likely that 120 slayer goal will yield some other combat 120's (or very close ones) - time will show :)

Next post will contain my training methods/ways I used to achieve current/future levels.

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Training methods

Nothing unusual, during F2P times, trained in Al-Kharid, cooking Swordfishes, during P2P times - cooked Monkfish and Sharks (respectively from level 90 and 94) either at Rogues' Den either during RS Outreach skilling events.

At the beginning it was my least favourite skill as I misunderstood how it should be trained. Firstly I used to wait for my plants to grow at the farming patches (it was the last skill released at the time when I thought so). Nevertheless, after my return, started planting trees (willows, pineapples in fruit tree patches, calquats in special tree patches and Spirit trees in Spirit tree patches whenever I had some seeds for those). At the level 90 started planting watermelons to increase my daily farming xp (was about 210k xp/day). After 99, I am still farming herbs, marigolds, morchella mushrooms, picking up coconuts, cactus spines, berries. Recently started planting Reeds. Before the announcement of Master Capes, farmed Fly Traps for Thieving XP. Swapped those with Watermelons again in order to increase Daily xp gains and currently I am getting from 60k to 120k Farming xp/day.

In the old days - used to train it in Stronghold of Security (if I'm not mistaken, that's the name) in the 3rd floor at the spiders, later on - got some levels at Barrows minigame. All the rest (~85-99) at Slayer tasks.

Same as above, mostly Slayer tasks.

Trained it at Citadel, before Bonus XP system was changed. Used to get ~410-430k Crafting XP weekly by capping at Citadel and using up Crafting ring on 1k Air Battlestaves weekly (about 220k-230k and 190k XP respectively)

Either Dragon bones on PoH altar either Infernal ashes on Ecto when ashes were released. Prayer training was funded by buying chocolate from Lumby Chest and selling it to GE, Potion Flasks and very last levels (92-99) by Coal from Miscellania Kingdom Management.

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Got some levels from Superheating steel bars while I was F2Per, later on - Barrows, Circus and mostly - Slayer tasks.

Slayer tasks all the way.

I guess, commentary is not needed here :)

On Slayer tasks. Last levels (97-99) achieved on Abyssal Demons tasks as their drop table was reworked at that time. Was lucky enough to get Abyssal Mask from SoF when those were released. During training, received 2 abyssal wands :)

A little bit of everything - swamp lizards, orange/red salamanders, from 70 to 74 - Common Jadinkos in order to obtain some Ugune seeds for Juju Farming potions. From 74 to 99 mostly Big Chinchompa minigame (really, one of the best xp rates there!)

All charms necessary were acquired during Slayer tasks and Daily Bork kills. The very last (93-99) levels obtained during previous (2014's Feb 21-23rd) bonus xp weekend with 3,7k Geyser Titans. Still had 1,2k blue charms left after that, thanks to Bork :)

Usually trained with farmed herbs (or, farming the most profitable ones and selling these to obtain the ones necessary for the potions). Last levels with Extremes, Overloads and missing xp with Prayer renewals.

Very happy to remember this one, hehe. Early days - Fire Giants in Waterfall dungeon with Iron knives. Got to about 56 ranged~. After return, up to 95 - on slayer tasks and Circus weekly D&D. 95-99 at Ascencion Members (Gladius).

Mostly Sinkholes, yet I do some floors time to time. Usually when there is not enough time to start any longer activity due to nearly grown herbs, I do 2-3 floors before they're done.

Got up to 80 as F2P, mining Coal in Mining guild (up to 70), later on, mining Iron for steel bars. Got up to 90 at Citadel, using Mining Ring at LRC weekly (~200k xp/week). After that, doing Shooting stars only as I refocused myself on Smithing training at Citadel.

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Was my highest skill before a long break from RuneScape (85). Trained with yew longbows, initially cutting logs by myself, picking flax by myself and crafting longbows, after that - running nature runes through abyss and high alching those bows. Wasn't very efficient. As from that, fletching some bows during RS Outreach skilling events / for weekly strange rocks.

Remembering this one makes me smile - got up to 50-ish before I took a break as that was necessary for Barrows minigame (quick teleports, altar for prayer recharge & Kharyll Portal). Oak larders up to 74, later on switched to Mahogany tables. Was happy when I achieved 80-ish Construction as that allowed to get Mahogany telescope for the Shooting Stars.

Regular oldschool fire-lines up to 88 (GP reinvested from Miscellania Kingdom - maples exchanged for yews, trained it as f2p). Later on - getting weekly strange rocks for the statue either at Jadinko lair (plus, getting favour points for Juju seeds) unless there was not enough Charcoal in the Citadel and weekly rocks were obtained there.

Good old Karamja lobsters... After return - some fishing for weekly strange rocks, Moknfishes when I had sufficient level for those. Had to pause my subscription for few months due to being extremely busy with irl stuff. During f2p times, got 76-90 fishing by fly-fishing at Barbarian Village. If I'm not mistaken, took about 64k feathers which lasted somewhere from 2 to 4 months.

Got up to 50 at Agility arena in Brimhaven, after return trained with Circus. Later on, Loyalty programme was introduced, Jack of Trades helped a little bit with some levels. Got 68-77 at Ape Atoll course (thanks to Skoll boots), 77-88 at Advanced Gnome and current levels at Advanced Barbarian course. Unfortunately, didn't receive Silverhawk boots during promotion. Nevertheless, as I train it time to time with Surefooted aura, it doesn't get boring.

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As mentioned above, most of the training at the moment is done in Citadel. Lovely XP in there!

Still remember when I was stealing those cakes from Ardougne market stalls! And later on used those cakes in Agility training *nostalgic memories*. After all, did some Pyramid Plunder games to obtain level necessary for Temple at Senntisten quest. After that, started planting Fly traps. As Master Capes poll was introduced, had to stop planting Fly traps in order to increase my daily Farming XP gains. Soon will be done with strange rocks, so most likely, after that will train at PP or Dwarves.

Got some levels when running nature runes through abyss. Met some nice players during those times (still remember one player with 94m RC xp, just from nature runes! Eew *giggles*). Wasn't my most favourite skill, got some levels at Runespan - must admit, compared to the nature runes running through abyss - it's relatively fun! (Even though, that method was also fun due to forgetting glory amulets time to time or losing your pickaxe due to PKers nearby that Zamorak magician.

Doubt if I can add a lot of comments here. Tears of Guthix speeded up levelling up a little bit. Nevertheless, if wisp areas are busy with players, Divination isn't that bad due to possibility to meet some interesting people :)

As for now, that is it with my skill Training Methods section. Not really sure yet of what will I include in next reserved posts. Most likely it'll contain super-short term goals and recent achievements. Might also include supporters or Thanks-to-supporters list :)

Cheers and good luck on your own achievements!
If there are any questions you would like to ask - shoot!

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This post contains most recent Thread updates, short term goals, updates log

Most Recent Thread updates:
Updated stats (Dungeoneering)

Short Term goals:

- To Complete Livid Farm
- To Complete Aquarium for the first, second and third time.

Recent achievements log:

2016-06-25: Reache 112,000,000 XP Milestone in Farming skill and achieved 118 Dungeoneering.
2016-06-20: Achieved 109 Ranged.
2016-06-12: Achieved 102 Smithing.
2016-06-11: Reached 110,000,000 XP and 20,000,000 XP milestones in Farming and Construction skills respectively.
2016-03-05: Reached 34,000,000 XP Milestone in Magic skill.
2016-03-04: Reached 14,000,000 XP in Divination.
2016-03-02: Reached 34,000,000 XP Milestone in Ranged skill.
2016-02-28: Reached 108,000,000 XP and 24,000,000 XP Milestones in Farming and Cooking skills respectively.
2016-02-27: Reached 36,000,000 XP and 24,000,000 XP Milestones in Constitution and Crafting skills respectively and reached 103 Construction.
2015-10-02: Reached 106,000,000 XP Milestone in Farming skill.
2015-09-28: Achieved 105 Crafting.
2015-09-27: Achieved
120 Farming!!!

2015-09-26: Reached 32,000,000 XP and 104,000,000 XP Milestones in Ranged and Farming skills respectively.
2015-09-25: Reached 102,000,000 XP Milestone in Farming skill and achieved 110 Constitution and 109 Ranged.
2015-09-12: Achieved 100 Woodcutting.
2015-09-08: Reached 20,000,000 XP and 100,000,000 XP Milestones in Mining and Farming skills respectively.
2015-09-06: Reached 30,000,000 XP Milestone in Ranged skill.
2015-09-05: Reached 18,000,000 XP and 16,000,000 XP Milestones in Attack and Fishing skills respectively.
* Archived Achievements list

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Continued 2nd post, unfortunately, forgot to mention Least favourite acitivies and now there's not enough space for that in the posts above

Least favourite activities
None! For sure. As I tend to rotate my activities regularly, I simply just do not have enough time to get bored of something. Even the most boring stuff seems to be relatively fun as long as you do not mind how slow it is and do not overheat :) On the other hand, I quite dislike Wilderness, even though, there are some funny memories related to it - once, way before Clan Wars area was implemented into the game, nearly 30-40 players received Frog-Random event at level 46 wilderness, nearby Runite Rocks. The reason for that was simple - we were waiting for a clan to show up which was late for nearly half an hour and there were a lot of players at the same spot. (My clan + guardian clan (as there used to be clans which main activity was crashing clan wars, usually, additional clans were invited to the clan wars to ensure protection from the crashers). We had a hard time getting back as it was hard to understand what has happened there, as it was very weird to see that many frogs in one place. Unfortunately, my old PC is being repaired now, however, I think I had some pictures saved up. If I will manage to recover them - will definitely Tweet them :)

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Special thanks to:
(in no specific order, to be updated - apologies if forgotten, there's a lot of "Thanks!" to say - everyone I have met have been great)

- RS Outreach events community
* World 71, 100, 36, 56, 92 and F2P World 7 and 16 communities
* All the regular and random Shooting star miners I've met when mining stars with RSO
* Stevie5646 - for the support in the last 3 (and somewhere nearly a half) of the years
* MrsWetlander - for dedicating your time to run RS Outreach project! Always great to chat with.
* Lord Gavo - for the support from very beginning. Also many thanks for Twitter tips for newcommer to the Twitter's community!
* Odd Even - For being who you are! Always great to have a chat with!
* Da Azn Archa - for the support since my first steps in RSO!
* Some Girl007 - for constant help with the Shooting stars!
* Dr XP - For the Shooting stars, weekly PC event, even though I'm not always available when you're hosting it
* Lightstone - !!! For being who you are! Great to chat also thanks for the help with stars!
* CosmicLuck - for the frequent help with the stars!
* Ecologic - for becoming RS Outreach ally! Happy that we have met!
* Calm Enigma - also - for becoming an ally of RSO! Great to have joint events!
* Weird Uncle - great Outreacher, great friend to chat with, great player to meet by the farming patches.
* xTwizzy - Even though, I was winning the race to the Farmers' club, I had lost it in the very end! For being a great friend over the years.
* YurGrandaddy - for being a nice player to chat with!
Mod Krista
- for making my first Twitter experiences very enjoyable with "If Mod Krista was a cake..." competition :) Winning with "If Mod Krista was a cake, she'd be baked by Latvians on stage" entry when referencing Eurovision Song Contest 2014 was a surprise!
* Lizzie Darcy - for the stars, events and chats!

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