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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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Hey all, and welcome to my goal thread!! This thread will serve as the ultimate hub for all of my goals throughout my experience on Runescape. It will cover the scope of all my accounts, as well as the various series I tend to do throughout my time playing (I'll get into this later).

This first post will serve as a simple introduction. I am Ajax Grendel, I am a Runescape player going on 11 years now. Runescape is my all time favorite game and I do not see an end in sight for quitting the game. My favorite skills are Runecrafting and Slayer. I am a proud Max Cape owner, having finished 99 Invention about 8 days after release, the fastest (by far) I've ever gotten a 99 after immediate release.

Currently Doing: OSRS Runecrafting. Casual leveling of Invention+DG in RS3.

Table of Contents:
Post 1: This one! Brief Intro
Posts 2-4: About Me / Origin Story
Post 5: Short Q&A about me & Runescape 3 Goals
Post 6: Old School Runescape Goals
Post 7: The History of my goals + various "series" I have done
Post 8 and on: Reserved for future content

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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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About Me + Origin Story + Brief Q&A Style Intro

Hey guys, so here I will tell you a little bit about me. I am a 23 year old American who will be graduating with 2 degrees in just a few months. I specialize in Chemical Engineering with a minor in Electrical Engineering. I work two internships and go to school full time, and the only video game I really play anymore is Runescape. It is the only game that has ever kept my full attention for an incredibly long period of time. Through better or worse with how Runescape has changed throughout the years, I have never left the game. I have never quit and have only taken small breaks throughout my 11 years (couple weeks or so).

So I'll try to keep my Runescape origin story as brief as possible. I started Runescape in the summer of 2005, a summer in which I was a middle school student. I found Runescape through the Miniclip website. After having played a ton of Robot Rage, Heli Attack, and a myriad of other games, I decided to try out Runescape. I was instantly hooked. I thought, though, that the game played exactly like the tutorial. I had no idea what an MMO was, I figured Runescape had a beginning, a middle, and an end. I thought it was as linear as Tutorial Island. How wrong I was!

I stayed Free to Play for the first year or so of my Runescape career. It took me a long time to get comfortable with how the game worked and took me twice as long to find Varrock Bank from Lumbridge. In my time in Free to Play, I completed most of the quests, got myself all types of nice armours and items, and even amassed a Green Halloween Mask through generous friends / veterans helping me as well as World 1 merchanting behind the West Varrock Bank.

Later on, I became a member. It was an overwhelming but an incredibly rewarding experience. I quickly learned about all the members items and areas, and instantly wanted to go after some of the most sought after items- namely the Abyssal Whip,

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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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Dragon Chainbody, and the elusive elusive elusive Green Partyhat. I took my merchanting talents (Lebron reference lol) to Falador Park, World 2. I quickly amassed a good bit of wealth through Dragon Bone flipping. I also tirelessly killed my own Green Dragons for bones and hides, getting pked a myriad of times and frustrated even more often. Another bit of folly that always befell me was getting scammed in World 2. The leaf bladed spear trick was rampant, as well as the ole money switcheroo at the last second. But I ultimately persevered through this and got a whip and full dragon. I was a level 80 in Castle Wars with full Dragon, and I could tank so many hits even from maxed players. It was hilarious and fun and made people really upset :P.

Then, I discovered Runecrafting, and immediately fell in love with the skill that so many people despise to this day. I quickly got to 99 Runecrafting and mastered the skill. With the money, I bought a couple of Partyhats. The Green Partyhat you see in my adventurers log picture is the first Partyhat I ever achieved, and I am proud to say I still have it! Along with my Green Halloween mask from 2005.

As the years went on and time passed, I worked on various skills intermittently. When Free Trade and Wilderness was removed from the game, I quickly fell in love with Bounty Hunter. I had never been good at PVP until BH. It helped that I had a lot of wealth to mess around with. I got a really high rank in BH and highly enjoyed it for the short time it lasted in the game (Cratered BH that is).

It was only a few years ago that I decided to go for Max Stats in Runescape. When Old School Runescape released, I wanted to relive my fond Runecrafting memories and get 99 again. I achieved that last March! I have since started a new account that acts as my main as I want to keep the Runecrafting cape untrimmed for life :).

Continued on next post.

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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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So..after getting 99 Runecrafting in Old School, I spent this past summer tirelessly leveling up skills on both my other OSRS account and my RS3 main (this account). I maxed Pre-Invention 2 weeks before it came out. That taste of the Max Cape made me know that I wanted to get it again once Invention released. 8 days after Invention hit, I got 99 in the skill and am again Maxed!

My goals in Runescape 3 are pretty simple, I will be casually going for 120 capes and true skill mastery. I will also be trying to "truly" max in that I get 120 Invention and Dungeoneering.

My goals in Old School Runescape are for 20M Runecrafting XP on Ajax Grendel and on my main my short term goals are 126 Combat and 99 Slayer. I am currently 118 Combat and 96 Slayer.

I am also a player that enjoys doing various series in Runescape, such as a Rags to Riches from scratch series, pking series, account build series, etc. I just call them a series because it sounds cooler, and I usually make them episodic in nature ( I have recorded episodes of series but have never gone the Youtube + Twitch route, I'm more of an independent player and not into that).

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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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Short Q&A and my Runescape 3 Goals

Q: What are your favorite skills?
A: Runecrafting and Slayer. I love the money making aspect of Runecrafting. I love the variety of Slayer. It's also a good money maker.

Q: What other games do you play / have played? Favorites?
A: My other favorite games are Skyrim, Final Fantasy VII, Castle Crashers, Dead Rising 1 2 and 3, Darksiders, and Infamous

Q: Do you own any consoles?
A: Yes, the original Xbox, Xbox 360, and Xbox One.

Q: Favorite things in real life?
A: I love animals, especially cats and dogs. I enjoy paintballing and playing basketball in my free time. I also love to read various books and am big into writing poetry.

Q: Old School Runescape or Runescape 3?
A: Both are amazing.

Q: Favorite Color?
A: You already know. But Green.

Q: Why Ajax?
A: I am a huge Ajax fan in both football but the name actually stems from the Trojan War hero and cousin to Achilles, Ajax.

Q: Why Grendel?
A: Grendel is the antagonist in the Anglo-Saxon poem Beowulf. Ajax and Grendel are my favorite characters in literature.
Runescape 3 Goals

Right now, I don't really have any Runescape 3 goals. I would like to "truly" max and get 120 DG and Invention.

I casually work on a Rags to Riches Blue Partyhat from Scratch series. More info on this in the Series Section.

If I do go for 120's, it will be Slayer first and then Runecrafting.

I will be participating in Double XP Weekend and will be working on Slayer.

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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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Old School Runescape Goals

On Ajax Grendel, I would like to reach 20M Runecrafting XP. I am shortly going to hit 14M experience.

I would also like to amass a 1 billion GP bank thanks SOLELY to Runecrafting. I am over half way there. I will have to update an exact amount later when I can sign in. I want it all in cash, so my items on other accounts will not be factored in. Just checked: 512M/1000M currently.

On my other Old School Account, Z A J A X Z, I would like to do the following in the short term:

126 Combat - 118/126 (All very easy save for Prayer, which is easy but expensive)
99 Slayer - 96/99
100M Total XP: 58/100M

Long term goal:

Raise all stats as high as possible.

I also have a noob OSRS account, Ajax Scape, that is currently Free to Play but I have plans to make him into some kind of a pure. The biggest goal I would like to achieve on him is an Untrimmed Ranged Cape. I just think it looks sooooo goood.

I am currently: Runecrafting on Ajax Grendel.

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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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History of My Goals:
2005: Achieved Green Halloween Mask, Full Guthix, decent cash stack.
2006-2009:Achieved Green Partyhat + Red Partyhat, 99 Runecrafting, Did a ton of Bounty Hunter, worked on Skills.
2010-2012 - Casually worked on skills, built my bank up even more, started getting really into Slayer.
2013-Present - Got really into Old School Runescape. Worked and finished maxing Ajax Grendel on Runescape 3. Have taken part in various series as described below.


Series I have done in past / am doing now:

Account build from scratch (Started in 2013, finished in 2014): I started a brand new Runescape 3 account. While I did not get very far stat wise, I was able to achieve a Green Halloween mask through all the old methods I used (flipping, Green Dragon bones, etc).

Rags to Riches: Blue Partyhat from 0 GP/scratch (Started: October 2015 Finished: It's still going on): In October of 2015, I decided to see how far I could get starting from 0 GP and going for a Blue Partyhat. It is a very casual goal and I only work on it a few days or weeks per month. I don't know if I'll ever achieve it, it's just a fun thing to do. Blue Partyhats are something like 6500M. I have made 550M GP towards the series since October. Considering I only take a few days or weeks in every month to go for this, that's pretty good. I got it through bossing, frost dragons, OSRS rc, and even got lucky in making some of it from Staking in Rs3.

Account build from Scratch in OSRS: After achieving 99 RC on Ajax Grendel, I wanted to keep the cape untrimmed. So I made a new account. This is ongoing, has been a blast.

Future Series I have planned:
Potentially an OSRS pure account build series, which would also have a PVP/PK series attached to it.
Potentially a PVP RS3 account build for legacy pking in P2P.

Any ideas for series or goals you think I should make are highly appreciated! I'm always looking for challenges.

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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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Runescape 3 Progress

Since creation of this goal thread I have gained : 0 Levels


120 DG/Invention (Casually)
Work towards 120 Slayer (17M xp currently)

Currently playing OSRS so not much in terms of RS3, though I will be participating in Double XP Weekend.

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Ajax Grendel

Ajax Grendel

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Old School Runescape Progress

Ajax Grendel : 13k Nature Runes made since the beginning of this thread.

14M (almost) / 20M Runecrafting XP.


118/126 Combat

98/99 Strength - Short term goal

96/99 Slayer - 800k to go for 97.

Currently: Runecrafting.

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