1000 Slayer assignments log

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214 Nechryael[x]: Clue scroll(hard)

148 Order of Ascension members[x]: Spirit emerald, Sirenic scale(2), Ascension Keystone Tertius

140 Desert stryke wyrms[x]

97 Grotworms[x]: Long bone, Spirit emerald

240 Warped tortioses[x]: Long bone(2), Curved bone, Spirit sapphire, Spirit emerald

204 Dark beasts[x]: Long bone, Spirit ruby, Ferocious ring(5), Sirenic scale

37 Mithril dragons[x]: Dragon longsword


298 Abyssal demons[x]: Uncut dragonstone(2), Ferocious ring(5), Spirit sapphire, Clue scroll(hard), 210 noted Gold ore

99 Chaos giants[x]: Spirit sapphire, Dragon throwing axe(79), Off-hand dragon throwing axe(74), Dragon dart tip(254)

122 Shadow creatures[x]: Spirit sapphire

57 Adamant dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), Off-hand dragon mace, 68 noted Big bones

114 Chaos giants[x]: Spirit sapphire, Spirit emerald, 133 Rune arrowheads, 271 Dragon dart tips, 111 Dragon throwing axes, 65 Off-hand dragon throwing axes

208 Corrupted creatures[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), Key to the crossing(4), Dragon longsword(2), 74 noted Yew logs, Spirit ruby

132 Gemstone dragons[x]: Dragon helm, 8 noted Dragonstones, 49 noted Uncut dragonstones, 79 noted Big bones

238 Dark beasts[x]: Dark bow, Sirenic scale, Spirit emerald, Ferocious ring(5)(2)

273 Black demons[x]: Spirit emerald

180 Vyrewatch[x]: Uncut dragonstone, Splitbark body(9)

189 Celestial dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(5), Rune platebody(12), Clue scroll(elite)

103 Gemstone dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), 54 noted Teak planks, 5 noted Dragonstones

186 Airut[x]: Rune platebody(7), 140 noted Big bones, Spirit sapphire, Tuska mask headpiece, Tuska mask lower tusks, Tuska mask upper tusks

102 Gemstone dragons[x]

84 Iron dragons[x]: 108 noted Grimy snapdragon

92 Cres' Automatons[x]: Clue scroll(elite), Clue scroll(hard), Spirit ruby, Spirit sapphire

155 Elves[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), Clue scroll(elite), Sirenic scale(2), Spirit ruby, Spirit sapphire

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51 Adamant dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Dragon mace(3), Off-hand dragon mace

212 Celestial dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(7), Rune platebody(17), Draconic visage

71 Rune dragons[x]: Dragon longsword, Off-hand dragon longsword(2), Dragon plateskirt, 10 noted Uncut dragonstones


181 Dagannoth[x]: Clue scroll(medium)(4)

47 Steel dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2)

168 Ice stryke wyrms[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), Rune platebody, Spirit sapphire, 792 Rune arrowheads, 93 noted Gold ore, 47 noted Teak planks, Crystal triskelion fragment 2(2)

134 Living rock creatures[x]

246 Black demons[x]: Uncut dragonstone, Spirit ruby, Spirit sapphire

99 TzHaar[x]: 1 noted Uncut dragonstone, 3 Onyx bolt tips

96 Gemstone dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Onyx, 76 noted Yew logs

91 Iron dragons[x]: Rune platebody

187 Abyssal demons[x]: Uncut dragonstone(4), Spirit ruby, Spirit emerald, Ferocious ring(5), Clue scroll(hard)(3), Abyssal whip, Dragon helm

169 Abyssal demons[x]:Uncut dragonstone(3), spirit emerald, Spirit sapphire, Ferocious ring(5)(2), Clue scroll(hard)(3)

238 Dust devils[x]: Long bone

100 Black dragons[x]: Rune platebody(2), Clue scroll(hard)(2)

246 Abyssal demons[x]: Spirit sapphire, Spirit ruby, 77 noted Yew logs, 98 noted Gold ore, 51 noted Teak planks, Ferocious ring(5)(2), Uncut dragonstone(4), Abyssal whip(2), Clue scroll(hard)

87 Ganodermic creatures[x]: Curved bone, Spirit seed(2), Palm tree seed, 108 noted Gold ore, 118 Rune arrowheads, Polypore stick, Ganodermic boots

55 Black dragons[x]: 75 noted Yew logs

273 Bloodvelds[x]: Spirit sapphire, Long bone

102 Chaos giants[x]: 96 Dragon throwing axes, 87 Off-hand dragon throwing axes, 173 Dragon dart tips

219 Corrupted creatures[x]: Key to the crossing(4), Khopesh of the Kharidian(2), Clue scroll(hard)

136 Desert stryke wyrms[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(3)

150 Celestial dragons[x]: Rune platebody(8), Dragon rider body, Clue scroll(hard)


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52 Mithril dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Clue scroll(elite)

170 Aviansies[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(3)

206 Corrupted creatures[x]: Spirit sapphire(3), Key to the crossing

165 Airut[x]: 70 noted Water talismans, Rune platebody(4), Sirenic scale, Razorback gauntlets, Spirit emerald, Ferocious ring(5), Tuska mask lower tusks, Tuska mask upper tusks, Tuska mask top

87 Steel dragons[x]: Ferocious ring(5), Clue scroll(hard)

62 Rune dragons[x]: Dragon plateskirt, Dragon platelegs(2), Dragon longsword(2), Off-hand dragon longsword(2), Rune platebody(2), 4 noted Uncut dragonstones

144 Order of Ascension members[x]: Spirit ruby(2), Spirit sapphire, Ascension Keystone(Quintus, Tertius, Primus)

312 Dark beasts[x]: Long bone(2), Ferocious ring(5)(3), Crystal triskelion fragment 3(2), Rune platebody, 116 Rune arrowheads, Spirit sapphire(2)

70 Rune dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), 131 Rune arrowheads, 14 noted Uncut dragonstones, Dragon longsword, Off-hand dragon longsword, Dragon plateskirt

38 Mithril dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Uncut dragonstone

154 Airut[x]: Rune platebody(8), Brawling gloves(cooking), Ferocious ring(5), Tuska mask( upper tusk(2), lower tusk, plate)

314 Abyssal demons[x]: Dragon longsword, Ferocious ring(5), Spirit emerald, Uncut dragonstone(2), Clue scroll(hard)(5)

48 Adamant dragons[x]: Dragon mace, Off-hand dragon mace(2), Clue scroll(hard)

203 Dark beasts[x]: Spirit sapphire

129 Gemstone dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), 3 noted Dragonstones

143 Shadow creatures[x]: Dark mind, Clue scroll(elite)

198 Nechryael[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(3)

167 Grotworms[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(4), Spirit sapphire

318 Abyssal demons[x]: Spirit sapphire(2), Uncut dragonstone(2), Crystal triskelion fragment 1, Clue scroll(hard)(5), Ferocious ring(5)(2)

102 Cres' Automatons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)



197 Ice stryke wyrms[x]: Rune platebody(2), 92 noted Gold ore, Clue scroll(hard)

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259 Black demons[x]: Spirit ruby, Uncut dragonstone

289 Dust devils[x]: Key to the crossing, Long bone, Spirit emerald, Spirit sapphire

150 Celestial dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(6), Clue scroll(elite), Rune platebody(12)

132 Living rock creatures[x]

81 Gemstone dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), 10 noted Dragonstones

118 Suqahs[x]: Spirit sapphire, Clue scroll(hard)

217 Greater demons[x]: 81 noted Big bones, Clue scroll(hard), Ferocious ring(5)(4)

109 Iron dragons[x]: Dragon plateskirt, 132 Rune arrowheads, Ferocious ring(5)(2)

74 Iron dragons[x]: Ferocious ring(5), Clue scroll(hard)(3)

90 Chaos giants[x]: 101 Dragon throwing axes, 66 Off-hand dragon throwing axes, 259 Dragon dart tips, Spirit sapphire

39 Mithril dragons[x]: Clue scroll(elite)

283 Kalphites[x]: Spirit sapphire(2), 51 noted Teak planks, Clue scroll(hard)(2)

212 Aquanites[x]: Dragon longsword, Amulet of ranging, Long bone, Clue scroll(hard)(3), Spirit sapphire(3)

147 Living Rock creatures[x]

37 Mithril dragons[x]: Clue scroll(elite)

147 Jungle stryke wyrms[x]

58 Adamant dragons[x]: Off-hand dragon mace, 75 noted Big bones

273 Abyssal demons[x]: Ferocious ring(5)(2), Spirit sapphire(2), Spirit emerald, Spirit ruby, Uncut dragonstone(5), Clue scroll(hard)(3), 82 noted Yew logs

218 Abyssal demons[x]: Ferocious ring(5)(2), Uncut dragonstone(5), 78 noted Yew logs, 514 noted Soft clay, Spirit sapphire(2), Spirit ruby, Abyssal wand


97 Steel dragons[x]: Clue scroll(elite), Clue scroll(hard)(2), Dragon helm

69 Glacors[x]: Ragefire boots, Shards of Armadyl(5)

219 Nechryael[x]: 295 noted Mahogany planks, Clue scroll(hard)(3), Spirit emerald

152 Gemstone dragons[x]: Gemstone gauntlets, 107 noted Gold ore, Clue scroll(hard), 4 noted Dragonstones

155 Elves[x]: Clue scroll(hard)

223 Soul devourers[x]: Spirit sapphire, Long bone(2), Keys to the crossing(3)

303 Abyssal demons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Ferocious ring(5)(3), Uncut dragonstone(4), Abyssal head, Starved ancient effity

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222 Soul devourers[x]: Key to the crossing(2), Spirit ruby, Spirit emerald, Long bone

228 Nechryael[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2)

199 Stalker creatures[x]: Onyx bolt tip(15), Rune platebody, Dragon helm, Off-hand dragon mace(3), Dragon mace(10), 323 noted Mahogany planks, 293 noted Gold ore, Crystal triskelion fragment 3, Clue scroll(hard)(3), 117 Rune arrowheads, 158 noted Yew logs

158 Grotworms[x]: Long bone(2), Clue scroll(hard), 81 noted Yew logs, 76 noted Big bones

97 Cres' Automatons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)

89 Chaos giants[x]: 53 Dragon throwing axes, 59 Off-hand dragon throwing axes, 277 Dragon dart tips

212 Stalker creatures[x]: Onyx bolt tip(8), Off-hand dragon mace, Off-hand dragon longsword, Rune platebody(2), Dragon helm, Spirit emerald, 71 noted Yew logs, Clue scroll(elite), Clue scroll(hard), 101 noted Gold ore, 51 noted Teak planks

280 Corrupted creatures[x]: Key to the crossing(3), Khopesh of the Kharidian, Clue scroll(hard), Long bone, Spirit sapphire

217 Soul devourers[x]: Key to the crossing(2), Corrupted gem

223 Abyssal demons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), Spirit sapphire, Uncut dragonstone(5), Ferocious ring(5)(3), Abyssal whip(2)

137 Crystal shapeshifters[x]: Rune platebody(5), Dragon helm

200 Celestial dragons[x]: Draconic visage, Rune platebody(8), Clue scroll(hard)(2)

130 Shadow creatures[x]: Clue scroll(elite)


84 Nihil[x]: Onyx bolt tip(16), Clue scroll(hard)(2)

220 Kalphites[x]: Key to the crossing, Rune platebody, 119 Rune arrowheads, Onyx bolt tip(26), Spirit sapphire, Clue scroll(hard)(2)

110 Desert stryke wyrm[x]: Focus sight(2)

136 Airut[x]: Tuska mask headpiece(2), Tuska mask top, Tuska mask plate, Rune platebody(7), Off-hand dragon longsword, Razorback gauntlets, Spirit sapphire(2), Ferocious ring(5)

220 Ice stryke wyrms[x]: Off-hand dragon longsword, Clue scroll(elite), Clue scroll(hard)(2), 122 Rune arrowheads, 91 noted Gold ore, Spirit sapphire, Spirit emerald, Crystal triskelion fragment 2

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189 Spiritual magi: Dragon boots, Uncut dragonstone, Clue scroll(hard)(6)

283 Abyssal demons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Ferocious ring(5)(3), Spirit ruby, Spirit emerald(3), Spirit sapphire(2), Uncut dragonstone(2), 99 noted Gold ore

187 Dagganoth: Clue scroll(medium)(3)

38 Mithril dragons[x]

87 Ganodermic creatures: Ganodermic boots, Polypore stick(2), Yew seed(2), Magic tree seed, Palm tree seed(2), Spirit seed(2)

224 Aberrant spectres[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), Spirit ruby, Spirit sapphire, Uncut dragonstone

38 Mithril dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2)

267 Abyssal demons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), Crystal triskelion fragment 3, Ferocious ring(5), Uncut dragonstone(5), Spirit sapphire

248 Nechryael[x]: 91 noted Gold ore, 50 noted Prayer potion(4), Clue scroll(hard)(2)

90 Cres' Automatons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Cresbot

75 Kal'gerion demons[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Rune platebody(2), Demon slayer boots

79 Nihils[x]: 24 Onyx bolt tips, 54 noted Teak planks, 2 noted Uncut dragonstones, Dragon longsword

104 Chaos giants[x]: 127 Rune arrowheads, 77 Dragon throwing axes, 69 Off-hand dragon throwing axes, 258 Dragon dart tips

169 Elves[x]: Sirenic scale, Crystal tool seed, Clue scroll(hard)(4)

226 Ice stryke wyrms[x]: Dragon helm, Rune platebody, 128 Rune arrowheads, Spirit sapphire, Clue scroll(elite)(2)


110 Steel dragons[x]: Ferocious ring(5), Dragon platelegs, Dragon plateskirt, Clue scroll(hard)(2), Clue scroll(elite), 90 noted Gold ore

243 Corrupted creatures[x]: Key to the crossing(3), Spirit emerald, Spirit sapphire(4)

313 Dark beasts[x]: Dark bow, Sirenic scale, Ferocious ring(5), 100 noted Runite ore, 108 noted Gold ore, Spirit sapphire(2), Spirit emerald(2), 49 noted Teak planks

225 Mutated jadinkos[x]: Vine whip(2), Crystal triskelion fragment 1, Spirit sapphire

152 Crystal shapeshifters: Rune platebody(6)

246 Nechryael[x]: Spirit ruby, Spirit sapphire, Clue scroll(hard)(4)

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222 Stalker creatures[x]: 52 noted Teak planks, 108 noted Gold ore, 8 Onyx bolt tips, 136 Rune arrowheads, Dragon helm, Dragon mace(2), Rune platebody(2), Clue scroll(hard), Spirit emerald

247 Greater demons[x]: Spirit sapphire, Spirit emerald, Spirit ruby(2), Ferocious ring(5), Clue scroll(hard)(4)

75 Black dragons[x]: Rune platebody, 69 noted Big bones

86 Cres' Automatons[x]: Spirit sapphire(2), Clue scroll(elite)(2)

192 Corrupted creatures[x]: Rune platebody(2), 78 noted Earth talismans, Key to the crossing(4), Long bone, Clue scroll(hard), 107 noted Gold ore, Sifu*

110 Crystal shapeshifters[x]# Rune platebody(6), Elder seed(2)

103 Gemstone dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)

75 Glacors[x]: Glaiven boots, 2 Dragon maces, 2 Off-hand dragon maces, 6 Shards of Armadyl, Clue scroll(hard)(3)

96 Black dragons[x]: Black dragon egg, Clue scroll(hard), Rune platebody(2), Dragon helm

259 Gargoyles[x]: Clue scroll(hard), Spirit ruby

169 Soul devourers[x]: Long bone, Clue scroll(elite)(2), Rune platebody, Key to the crossing(4)

234 Nechryael[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(3), Spirit emerald, Spirit sapphire(2)

69 Lava stryke wyrms[x]: Rune platebody(2), Crystal triskelion fragment 1, Uncut dragonstone(2)

108 Shadow creatures[x]: Clue scroll(elite)(3)


72 Nihil[x]: Onyx bolt tip(8), Dragon helm, Clue scroll(hard)(2), Uncut dragonstone(14)

214 Spiritual magi[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(3), Sirenic scale, Dragon boots(4), Uncut dragonstone

183 Dark beasts[x]: Long bone, Dark bow, Sirenic scale

128 Airut[x]: Tuska mask( lower tusks(2), plate, top(3)), Rune platebody(4), Sirenic scale

148 Aviansies[x]: Clue scroll(hard)

66 Nihil[x]: 2 noted Uncut dragonstones, Onyx bolt tip(32)

41 Nihil[x]: 12 noted Uncut dragonstones

233 Bloodvelds[x]

175 Muspahs[x]: Dragon bolt tip(180), Dragon arrowhead(60), Dragon dart tip(98), Off-hand dragon knife(75), Dragon knife(75), Off-hand dragon mace(3), Dragon mace(3), Dragon hasta, Dragon ward(2)

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86 Gemstone dragons[x]: 92 noted Gold ore, Onyx bolt tip(3), Dragonstone

57 Glacors[x]: Dragon mace, Off-hand dragon mace(2), Shard of Armadyl(7), Clue scroll(hard)

147 Elves[x]: 122 Rune arrowheads, Clue scroll(hard), Spirit emerald

249 Dark bests[x]: Long bone, Ferocious ring(5)(4), Spirit emerald, Spirit sapphire, Dark bow, Sirenic scale

165 Greater demons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2), Spirit emerald, Spirit sapphire(2)

111 Jungle stryke wyrms[x]

112 Vyrewatch[x]: Splitbark body(3)

142 Airut[x]: Rune platebody(6), Spirit sapphire, Sirenic scale, Ferocious ring(5)(2), Tuska mask( lower tusk(2), plate(2), top(2), upper tusks(2))

49 Adamant dragons[x]: Clue scroll(hard)(2)

72 Nihil[x]: 493 noted Soft clay, Onyx bolt tip(40), noted Uncut dragonstone(4)

228 Abyssal demons[x]: Rune platebody, 84 noted Yew logs, Clue scroll(hard)(4), Ferocious ring(5)(3), Spirit emerald

1000 done!

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