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^ Thanks Tren!


I'm pretty happy with the miniquest list update this week. I discovered that I hadn't completed the purple cat miniquest - which was released all the way back in 2008! It's lone over due that they had miniquests on the quest list. Without it, a lot of them got lost in the mix.

I actually saw a couple of people completing it when I went to go solve the slider puzzle.

Anyone else discover a minquest not completed due to this update?
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08-Apr-2019 23:14:54



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Hey Community,

I have played Runescape until 2007 and recognized it as an active game in 2018 again. So I returned but after reactivating my main account I remembered the Quests I completed in the old days.
I got the desire to experience these quests again and startet a new account in spring 2018. Now, after around 6 months I reached 381 Questpoints and I do not regret it.

Yes, some of the quests in Runescape feel like pure annoying grinding, but on the other side I could experience some of the best Quests in RPG history.

I think I will never forget the storyline with Zanik and the cave goblins, which is in my opinion one of the greatest storylines I ve ever played in a video game.
Just today I ve got the requirements for "The mighty fall" and I am happy to meet her again!

Now I will continue my way to the quest cape, a cape, which I freely will not have "quick-grinded".

PS: Hope my text is clear, english is not my main language.

12-Apr-2019 23:01:03

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Oh damn, thought this forum had been deleted, good to know it survived.

The Elite Dungeoneering Quest was a nice surprise and was probably the best quest of this year, though it's a shame there's no quests this month.

In other news I finally got every journal page from Daemonheim, my main requirement I'd been working on for MQC since May last year. I'm pretty sure it was the toughest of the requirement but I have about 20 requirements still to go, mostly relating to RNG related lore drops (Barb notes, God Wars Journals, Last Rider, Wedding ring). My current goal is to get 99 RC (Currently 96) and my overall goal is to get the MQC before the comp cape rework is added into the game, replacing it with the 'lore cape'.
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Nothing interesting happened.

14-Apr-2019 00:29:47

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Display Name:
Were you in the Questers list prior to applying?:
If yes, what is your quester list #?:
Is your Adventurer's Log set to public?:
I don't know
Have you completed all of the quest reworks?:
Skill total:
Combat Level:
What was the last Quest you completed?:
Curse of black stone
What was your favourite quest?:
The zanik questseries,one small favor and the elemental workshop ones.
( also liked the complete majharat story but that are way to much to count.)
What was your least favourite quest?:
Icthlarins Little helper and the chompy bird hunting

09-May-2019 09:37:11

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