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You would think robbing a few graves would be enough to earn this dubious distinction, but apparently it will take for now, I suppose I'm just a disturber of graves.

"Why do you want this particular title?" Well, I've always liked doing barrows. I remember the days when guthan spears were over 10 mil and how I got two of them and managed to purchase my very first dragon chainmail (one of my earliest goals on here.) Right now, barrows seems to be pretty bad profit but seeing as it takes pretty much no cost to do (aside from repairs), I can't find a reason not to enjoy a bit of nostalgia.

"How many brothers (and sister) do you kill per trip and how long is your average time to chest?" I kill all 8 because I don't want Linza to feel left out and get lonely. It takes me about 3 and a half to 5 minutes to get to the chest, depending on how far the door is.

My equipment setup:
Anima core helm of Zaros
Anima core body of Zaros
Anima core legs of Zaros
Brawler's Blood necklace
Cinderbane gloves
Torva boots
Max cape (comp is locked behind nex on steroids :( )
Luck of the dwarves ring
Tirannwn quiver 4
Illuminated Book of War
Augmented Noxious Scythe (Level 20 with Impatient 3 and Precise 5)

My inventory:
Enhanced excalibur
Drakan's medallion
Dominion marker stage 4(free stat boost, no need for ovls because I'm a cheapskate)
Ring of vigour
Whatever prayer pots I manage to loot from the chests
Whatever sharks I manage to loot from the chests
can usually start with a threshold(hurricane/assault) and 2-3 hit kill them. For Akrisae, I don't bother with a switch as I use hurricane, smash(to take off prayer) and then assault which is usually enough to get the job done.

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My kill order and general strategies:
Dharok (for nostalgia's sake)
Guthan (easy surge from dharok)
Karil (close run from guthan)
Torag( " karil";)
Verac+Akrisae( easy surge from torag)
Ahrim+Linza (saving the best for last?)

I adrenaline stall using surge/anticipation/freedom while I run between brothers so that I cab usually start off with a threshold(hurricane/assault) and down them with 1-2 abilities after it.

For Akrisae, I don't bother with a switch since I Hurricane, Smash(to take off prayer) then assault and he usually dies. If he doesn't, the random poison hits from cinderbane gloves finish him off.

For Linza, I make sure I have full adrenaline after Ahrim, put on vigour switch, drink 2 doses of prayer potion, turn on soul split and malevolence and use enhanced excalibur. Then I use berserk, make sure to get off both hurricane(first) then assault while in berserk and then use blood tendrils, slaughter, quake, etc...she usually dies before my prayer runs out, or like 5-10 seconds after.

I don't bother with kill count in the tunnels. It doesn't seem to help and slows me down, although if a brother pops up in a room full of critters, a hurricane or quake usually downs 4-5 of them.

I started doing barrows again (and for the title) at around 320 kill count and having only the corrupt sigil in my collections log.

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Current Kill Count: 476
Progress to Graverobber: 14/38

Corruption sigil: 9

Ahrim’s hood: 0
Ahrim’s robe top: 0
Ahrim’s robe skirt: 1
Ahrim’s staff: 0
Ahrim’s wand: 0
Ahrim’s book of magic: 0

Akrisae’s hood: 1
Akrisae’s robe top: 0
Akrisae’s robe skirt: 2
Akrisae’s war mace: 0

Dharok’s helm: 0
Dharok’s platebody: 0
Dharok’s platelegs: 0
Dharok’s greataxe: 0

Guthan’s helm: 1
Guthan’s platebody: 0
Guthan’s chainskirt: 0
Guthan’s warspear: 2

Torag’s helm: 3
Torag’s platebody: 1
Torag’s platelegs: 2
Torag’s hammer: 1

Verac’s helm: 1
Verac’s brassard: 0
Verac’s plateskirt: 2
Verac’s flail: 3

Karil’s coif: 0
Karil’s top: 0
Karil’s skirt: 0
Karil’s crossbow: 0
Karil’s pistol crossbow: 0
Karil’s off-hand pistol crossbow: 1

Linza’s helm: 0
Linza’s cuirass: 0
Linza’s greaves: 0
Linza’s shield: 0
Linza’s hammer: 0

#495: Torag Legs
#498 Verac Flail

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