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Thank you very much for those kind words, in all fairness doing straight up questing does get tedious but it's also a blast.

Today is a big update also, with two really big quests gotten done, alongside some miniquests.


[Done]Mournings end part 1
So it begins, one of the longest and most extensive chains in runescape, this one was an absolute blast and as i had most things prepared it wasn't to much of a hazzle, but i had a runin with a sheep that decided to be tricky, just as i fired it moved so i had to go and get a new toad all over.

Also picked up the gnome cookbook at this time to make the cookies. Fun, great rewards and really good overall. I used a guide to some of the items of this quest.

[Done]Mournings end part 2
True to the intent of this challenge, no guides and aside from looking up where/how to get items i struck to this rule. That meant i solved the light puzzle without looking up any guide, which took me about five or six hours to solve, including a few bank runs to grab more food.

This puzzle is a challenge, a fun challenge but a challenge nonetheless, because the shades make it more painful than it needs to be, almost got me level 73 mage at that.

The item collection was also really kind to me and only asked for an archery ticket. Great quest with great rewards made more fun by solving the puzzle myself.

[Done]Guild of our own
One word: Safecracking

[Done]Lair of tarn razolor
Quick and easy slayer xp, looked up the wiki for a map on this one.

[Done] Freeing king awogwei
This quest is monkeys, absolute nuts i tell you! It almost drove me bananas! Puns aside, enjoyable quest with the the three best monkeys in the game.

[Done] Freeing sir Amik Varze
Quick and simple, had to grow some sweetcorn

[Done]Recipe for disaster
At long last this set of quests is done, i really like this big yet small quest and how much it unlocks and enables. Top 10 for me easily.

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Lot's of small quests and miniquests to clear up now, gone down from a quest list of 34 down to 23, whereas multiple of those are sixth age. With that said, this is a very enjoyable journey.

Will have to look at what skills i'm going to want to prioritize once my list of quests have been depleted.


[Done]Swan song
That lovable wise old man, well lovable in his own way i'll say. This quest is short, sweet and doesn't come with a massive list of required items to complete. The rewards is also very welcome.

Quite the quest this one, i quite like it, the play part is kinda fun i will admit.

[Done]Bringing home the bacon
This quest is bizarre, that's all i'm gonna say, on the other hand. Bacon!

[Done][MQ]Hopespears will
Quick and easy prayer experience.

[Done][MQ]Hunt for surok
A new slayer daily D&D , i'll gladly take that

[Done]A tail of two cats
This quest has been sat in my questlog for far to long, this quest is fun an quirky, a nice switchup to some of the more serious ones.

[Done]Defender of Varrock
Another WGS requirement knocked out, i really like the lore this quest brings and some of the backstory it offers. The quest being somewhat varied also helps a ton.

[Done]The Path of Glouphrie
Another gnome quest done, i actually also quite like the gnome quests as they provide fun while still offering a different tone to an otherwise positive people of Gielnor.

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Sorry for the lack of updates, been busy working on skills setting up for another round of quests. Made alot of progress and got some exciting news :D


Trained some of my combat skills via melee in the abyss.
- Defence raised to 70
- Strenght raised to 70
While training strenght at 430k xp i got the strenght pet :D
- Attack raised to 70

- Mining raised to 71
- Smithing raised to 65 (target being 70)
- Thieving trained to 70

I'm also working on slayer and multiple other skills that's required. I'm not a huge fan of these long skilling sessions, but they do allow me to do more quests at a single time. I'm also breaking up the monotony by slowly going into bossing, albeit on a small scale.

A few quests i'm looking forward to doing at this point is
- While guthix sleeps
- Temple at sennisten
- Branches of darkmeyer

Will be some more time before the next round of quests is done, will post updates meanwhile.

27-May-2019 00:20:34

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Time for another update i think, since last i've actively been skilling. But i've also been doing what quests i can. And there's been quite a few quests done.


[Done] The elder kiln, this is a relatively tough quest to do in one go as an ironman, but the rewards are so worth it. It also has a really nice portion of RS lore on top of a fun quest.

[Done]Forgiveness of a chaos dwarf
I really like this questline and this quest is both sad and sweet at the same time, it also unlocks one of the biggest ironman grinds in the game. The two Dragon picks.

[Done]Dealing with Scarabas
Finally! The scarabas quest part of the series is done, so glad to finally have this done with. I do not like the scarabas part of the desert series

[Done]Curse of arrav
What can i say, this is also one of the questlines i really like and curse of Arrav is not an exception, i really like Arrav as a character in the lore, and the quest being very varied makes it enjoyable also.

[Done]Temple at sennisten
Wohoo! Ancient curses unlocked, been looking forward to this so long, given not many of the low level ancient curses are the most useful but having them unlocked feels so good. This is also a really fun quest because it takes you to so many places and so many things to
- XP put in herblore, ranged and summoning

And now for a massive one
[Done]While Guthix Sleeps
Where do i start, an absolutely amazing quest with so much lore! The puzzles are fun and engaging, the characters you meet are amazing and it's such a well written quest as a whole. Not to mention how the quest plays out is engaging.

One of my favourite quests so far.
- Xp went into herblore getting my herblore from 65-71


Big update this time around, current QP sitting at 312. And one major goal achieved. Now to work for prif and RoB.

01-Jun-2019 09:26:00

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It's been a while since the last update, i've been heavily occupied skilling and preparing for a new wave of quests and i've made good progress on it. I have done a few very good and needed quests however.

But first things first

As far as skilling goes i've been training my skills across the board.

As you can see multipe skills in low to mid 70's, slayer has been a big priority i've been working on, as has fishing and hunting. Prayer is proving to be the hardest to find solid means to train at this point.


[Done]Crocodile tears
This quest was surprisingly fun, tho i got worried i wouldn't make one of the runs but i barely did which was a relief. I really like this story line and how it plays out.

[Done]Do no evil
I'm not sure if i love or hate this quest, one one hand it's got some really fun and amazing fights and moments, at the same time it can also be really infuriating in parts. On the whole tho this quest is really enjoyable because it offer so much lore. And the reward is also really good for it.

[Done]Our man in the north
This quest was fun, that said i really got frustrated with the last fight almost out of food at the end but managed to pull through, i really like where this questline is going. I yet lack the skills and reputation to do the last part but i'm excited.


I still have some more quests i can do, but on the current agenda is getting woodcutting to 76 and start making some money again as i'm currently dirt poor.

That said, while skilling Woodcutting and firemaking i got this pleasant surprise, apparently it's a pretty rare pet also.

Will try and make sure i give sporadic updated as i hit skilling goals and such, as long as i remember. But discounting sidequests down to 45 quests to go for the QP cape.

08-Jun-2019 23:21:29

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Hello, it's me again, here's the promised update for this week coming in. Lots of skilling has been happening and not really any questing. Alongside with getting some MQC requirements knocked out.


I'll let images do the talking

Fletching - done and so is woodcutting in regards of requirments.
Firemaking - getting three more levels for magic pyre logs.
Smithing - needs two more levels for clockwork syringe
Hunting - Need to get the last level needed for Lord of Vampyrium done
Slayer - Six levels to go until that is done
Summoning and construction - In dire need of work both for within the light and Lord of vampyrium

Combat skills are trained paralell with slayer.

So in regards of skills, still got a ways to go for the next big quest push but slowly but surely getting there.

What quests i have left in the fifth age section, pieces of hate will be the last one i get done most likely. Some of them i can do already, others i am getting the requirments for.


Gotten two requirements for MQC knocked out, those being the following
- Deadlier catch- caugh the thalassus 10 times after the quest, surprisingly fun actually and it got me much needed hunter xp.
- Temple trek - Got all followers to level 99, took me all day today but was in the end really worth it, had a blast while doing it.

Got the varrock easy to hard task set knocked out as well, need to work on the others when i feel like it, mostly for those important xp lamps for herblore.


Still hard at work getting all those requirements sorted, but it's getting along well, and i think i will be able to post some quest progress within a week or two. I'll also look at knocking out some of the achievment sets in the meanwhile.

16-Jun-2019 01:02:59

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