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Hello Everyone, Staffers included. (Please note, this is a brief background on myself, followed by several questions! (Questions for everyone!)

About Me...

I am Dan, 30yr old Male from EST CT USA.

I started Runescape, as the first video game that would project me into my perpetual future of gaming. (Got my first computer at age 7, I forget the exact age I started Runescape, but it was not much after getting my first PC)


I loved every single bit of the concept of this game, grinding out stats- achieving greatness.

I took several small breaks from the game (College, Moving around, Changing up Games.)

But now, I have returned. --- extremely pleased to see not much has changed. (at all, literally lol) --- see some new skills --- Bear in mind, im nearly maxed out everything.--- whenever I took breaks from the game I invested into certain materials all my gold, in hopes the items would inflate .... (Sadlyy, lost about 20% net worth, not a major hit. love farming monsters, etc.

Well Now.....?!?!?!

What to do, what to do....

My daughter is 5 years old, and I have been slowly showing her more and more about the game--- she LOVES it. :) (Very proud) :)
--- I want to work towards getting the VERY BEST gear (weapon/armor/etc) to go boss hunting with her. ------

I want gear that doesnt turn to dust (repairing it is fine), but the STRONGEST gear possible.- I remember (love that site) --- and have used google extensively, but not finding concrete info.

---- Questions for you guys,

1. Whats the best gear for maxed out characters hunting bosses
2. Best gear pvp maxed out characters?
3- Clan eventually! =P will have more time to play personally when she starts school next week.

So, hi :) hope I can get some feedback! :)

23-Aug-2018 04:45:46

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