A Star Wars-Runescape Parody

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"Jagex has made a critical error and the time for our attack has come. The data brought to us by the dwarven spies pinpoints the exact location of Jagex's new port. We also know that the weapon systems of this port are not yet operational. With the J-Mods spread throughout the servers in a vain effort to engage us it is relatively unprotected. But most important of all, we've learned that Mod MMG himself is personally overseeing the final stages of the construction of this port. Many dwarves died to bring us this information. Sir Tiffy Cashien please."

"You can see here the Port at the northern end of Port Sarim. Although the weapon
systems on this Port are not yet operational, the Port does have a strong defense mechanism. It is protected by an energy shield, which is generated from the nearby Island of Crandor. The shield must be deactivated if any attack is to be attempted. Once the shield is down, our knights will create a perimeter, while the adventurers enter into the superstructure and attempt to knock out the main office. Sir Amik Varze has volunteered to lead the fighter attack. Commodore Tyr."

"We have hacked a P-Mod account. Disguised as a Player Moderator, and using the stolen pass word, a strike team will land on the island and deactivate the shield generator. Adventurer, is your strike team assembled?"

(Now the fun get to fill in the next part of the story. If it's good I'll add it into the full story. With due credit of course. Let's see if we can't get all the way through the battle of Endor.)

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